Car Parking

Improving Parking For Patients At Weston Park Hospital

In response to patient feedback and complaints about limited availability of car parking at Weston Park Hospital we are creating an additional 60 car parking spaces.

Car Park Payment Scheme

From 10th October 2016 a car parking charge system has also been implemented as we believe many non-patients currently use the car park because it is free parking and therefore by introducing the charge system we will be able to improve parking for our patients. This brings Weston Park’s car park in line with the other Sheffield Teaching Hospital sites.

Car Parking Fees:

Please bring change as Pay and Display parking meters, which accept cash only, are now in operation.

Up to 2 hours - £2.50
Up to 4 hours - £3.70

Over 4 hours - £8.40

Overnight stay (from 6pm to 6am) - £2.50

A new change machine will soon be installed in Weston Park.

Pay for car parking by mobile phone App

No change for parking? No problem!

If you would like to use this payment method simply download the Saba Parking App (formerly Indigo) for free from the iTunes App store or Google Play for Android devices After creating an account and filling in the payment method, select the car park you are parked in and choose your required parking time. You can extend your parking time remotely from your mobile if you need to stay longer.

Disabled Parking

If you are brought into hospital by another driver they are welcome to drop you off outside the department you are visiting and then park in a designated parking area. Disabled car parking spaces are available near the main entrances to all major buildings.

Blue Badge Holders are also able to use the pay and display spaces free of charge, a valid badge must be clearly displayed at all times. Please note that time restrictions for parking with a Blue Badge do not apply on this site.

Are You Eligible For Free Or Reduced Price Car Parking?

 How to apply

Simply download a Concessions Application Form here or email: for one to be sent to you.

Alternatively, please ask for a copy from the ward in which you are being treated or pick one up from the Main Reception areas within the trust hospitals.

Please Note: Your application form will require a signature from a member of the ward team responsible for your care.

Once you have the signature and have completed the form please send it to the Facilities Team at for approval.

If successful you will receive a parking pass to be displayed in your car when attending appointments.


 Applicable to… You may be eligible for a parking concession if you are…
Concession Details External concession support or Hospital delays
 All Sites  A Blue Badge holder Free parking is allowed in bays with a recognised disability symbol or in any parking space if a disabled bay is not available.

Blue Badge must be on display in vehicle at all times to prevent a parking notice. Standard Local authority blue badge application process applies

All Sites

Regularly attending for intermittent appointments, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy appointments

Regular is considered to be at least one appointment per week for a period of five weeks or more Free parking available after first appointment.

You will be required to pay the car parking fee for your first appointment.
You should then complete an application form and if deemed eligible you will be sent a parking pass which should be displayed in your car on subsequent visits.
Applications may be for your own vehicle or the person providing support and attending with you at the time of your appointment.
All Sites Palliative care appointments Free parking following successful application and receipt of parking pass.
The parking pass must be displayed in your vehicle at all times whilst in the car parking facility.
All Sites Bereavement appointments Free parking following successful application and receipt of parking pass.
The parking pass must be displayed in your vehicle at all times whilst in the car parking facility. The Bereavement officer supporting the patients representative can assist with requests directly

Northern General Hospital
0114 2714049
0114 2714866
0114 2714555

Royal Hallamshire Hospital
And Weston Park Hospital
0114 2712358

Jessop Wing
0114 2268425

All Sites  On a Low income or receiving benefits
Details of the benefits which are eligible to make a claim against are available from the Cashiers department on telephone number 0114 2712545 Re-imbursement for car parking tickets can be claimed to a maximum of £2 if you are eligible. You are expected to approach the Cashiers office at the end of your appointment. Arrangements are in
place that allow for this to be at the end of each visit or series of appointments.
Applications must be made with an up to date document to confirm your low income/benefit
status. This must be a complete document for the claim to be valid.
Applications cannot be processed at the Cashiers department more than three months after your
appointment. After this time you would have to complete a form HC5 (available in the Cashiers
department) and claim by post.
All Sites Outpatient appointments which exceed four hours due to hospital delays You will be required to pay a single payment of £3.70 e.g. (up to four hours).

 After this period of time you will be able to request a form from the Outpatient team to prevent further payment being required for the
time spent in the car parking facility A standard form is available from the outpatient team. This form must then be shown to the car park attendant to prove no further payment is required
on the single visit.

Applications may relate to either your own vehicle or the person providing support and attending with you at the time of the appointment.


All Sites
Inpatient visitors who are visiting a patient who has been in the hospital over 3 weeks Standard parking fees are applicable for the first three weeks of visiting.
After a patient has been an in-patient for three weeks you can then put in an application for a visitors pass.
You would then be required to pay a
reduced cost of £8.40 each week for the remainder of the time you are visiting an in-patient. .
Further Information

 Accessibility Guide for the Weston Park Hospital


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