Royal Hallamshire Hospital

The Royal Hallamshire Hospital is situated a mile from the city on the Trust's central campus. Nearly 6,000 staff work at the Royal Hallamshire in a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical roles.

The hospital has around 850 beds for the care of inpatients and a number of specialist outpatient clinics including a prosthetic eye department and specialist ophthalmology centre.

A Minor Injuries Unit offer services for people with small injuries that that can be treated without the need for emergency care.

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Additional Information

Keeping you safe

Our stringent cleaning and infection prevention measures have meant the chances of patients acquiring an infection like MRSA while in our hospitals is well below most other large teaching hospitals.

Over the past five years there has been an 83% reduction in the number of MRSA bacteraemias.

We have reduced the number of cases of Clostridium difficile infection by 81%.

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