Current visiting arrangements are:

  • Patients can have up to 2 visitors a day. Carers do not count as one of the two visitors and it will be at the wards discretion to allow flexibility if circumstances warrant it. Please speak to the Nurse in charge on the ward to discuss this.
  • Visiting is welcomed between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week and there is no time limit on each visit.
  • Visitors do not have to make an appointment to visit.
  • Visitors do not have to provide proof of a negative lateral flow test although it is still recommended that they do one if possible.

Visitors to clinical areas and wards are asked to wear a mask. Free masks are available at our entrances or on wards if you need one.

  • Visitors must wash their hands on entry/exit to the hospital and ward
  • It is strongly recommended that only those who are fully vaccinated should visit.
  • Visitors with symptoms of Covid/respiratory illness or diarrhoea and vomiting are not permitted to visit.
  • Patients will be asked not to stray from the bedspace of the person they are visiting unless absolutely necessary.
Visiting patients with Covid/Covid wards
  • Visiting can be allowed for 1 visitor up to 1 hour a day, but it is at the visitors own risk
  • A surgical face mask must be worn at all times plus/minus apron and gloves dependent on the infection.
  • Visiting must be arranged with the nurse in charge of the ward. Exceptional circumstances guidance still applies to red/outbreak wards, i.e., patients with dementia/end of life/requiring carers must still be supported to receive visitors.

Accessibility guides for our hospitals We have partnered with DisabledGo to create accessibility guides to our hospitals. Find them below:

Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Northern General Hospital
Jessop Wing
Weston Park Hospital
Charles Clifford Dental Hospital

You can find the ward telephone numbers here.


Accessibility guide for the Northern General Hospital



Additional Information

Help Us Prevent Infection

  • Always use the hand gel when entering and leaving the ward
  • Do not visit if you are unwell. You should be free of symptoms for at least two days before you visit someone in hospital.
  • Do not sit on the beds. Please use the chairs provided.
  • Do not use the patients’ toilets. Ask the ward staff where the nearest public toilets are.
  • Do not touch the patient’s wounds or medical equipment that they are attached to such as drips and catheters.
  • Do not share  toiletries, tissues or items of hospital equipment with other patients. 

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