Jessop Wing visiting

  • Up to two birthing partners can be present during labour and birth.
  • A birthing/nominated partner, one additional adult and your own children can visit on the antenatal and postnatal wards. Children must be always accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • A partner or a nominated support person can attend all scan appointments and antenatal appointments. There may still be times when people are required to wait outside of the waiting area to maintain safe distancing throughout the department.
  • Two parents, or one parent and an additional adult, can visit the Neonatal Unit with negative COVID-19 PCR testing provided by the Neonatal unit weekly.
  • Visitors must not attend if feeling unwell.


You can find the ward telephone numbers here.


 Accessibility Guide for the Jessop Wing


Additional Information

Jessop Wing General Visiting

A birthing/nominated partner can visit on the antenatal and postnatal wards by arrangement with the ward

All women and nominated partner must have a negative lateral flow test on the day prior to attending.

All women and visitors must wear a mask, socially distance, wash hands on entry and exit to Jessop Wing.

Are children allowed to visit?

Children are not permitted to visit




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