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Visiting Times

Here at the Jessop we want you and your relatives to have a positive experience. We recognise that birth is a unique social event and that family and friends will be keen to visit. Visiting times are as follows:

Level 3 postnatal and antenatal wards

8am to 8pm. (please speak to the nurse in charge if you need flexibility outside of these times as that can often be arranged)

Visiting on Labour Ward

To ensure the maintenance of security and privacy for all patients on the Labour Ward there are no visiting hours. Birth partners are an important part of the birth process and are welcomed at anytime.

Most women have 1-2 birthing partners to help support them through labour and birth.

Please check with the midwife if you wish to visit someone on the high dependency unit on labour ward.

Any other visitors will be advised to visit during allocated visiting hours on antenatal or postnatal wards following transfer of mum and baby.

You can find the ward telephone numbers here.


 Accessibility Guide for the Jessop Wing


Additional Information

Jessop Wing General Visiting

  • 8am - 8pm
Can my partner stay after our baby is born?

Your partner will be able to stay with you while you are on Labour Ward. Once you are transferred to a post natal ward we will try to enable your partner to stay with you to give you time together as a family.

Can I have visitors at any other time?

Any out of hours visiting is by prior anngement with the ward manager.

Are children allowed to visit?

Your own children are welcome. They shluld be well behaved and supervised by an andult at all times.

Please do not bring a child to visit who is unwell or has an infectious rash.



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