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Jessop Wing



The Jessop Wing opened in 2001 and is a purpose built maternity unit where approximately 7,000 babies are born every year.

In addition to a 22 bed labour ward, there are three postnatal wards and one antenatal ward, an admission Triage area and a High Dependency Unit. One of the postnatal wards specialises in caring for women who have had a caesarean section. In addition the Jessop Wing Community Midwifery Service attend approximately 200 homebirths per year.

The Jessop Wing also provides neonatal intensive care and special care for sick and premature babies born in Sheffield and those transferred from other units who require this expertise.

On the ground floor of the Jessop Wing is the Antenatal Clinic and Gynaecology Outpatient Clinic. The Gynaecology Service also includes two wards on G Floor of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

The Jessop Wing also has an Assisted Conception Unit for women who require this specialist treatment.

The Jessop Wing has disabled access and there are facilities for the disabled.

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Partners allowed to attend all pregnancy scans and antenatal clinic appointments at Jessop Wing

Restrictions on the attendance of partners are being reduced in a stepped manner, in line with the new national maternity service guidance.  The safety of women and babies in Jessops and the need to limit transmission of COVID-19 as much as possible is still the first priority and so there will be strict measures which we will be asking people to adhere to before they can accompany or visit. This includes social distancing, wearing PPE and having a COVID-19 test for some types of attendances.

• From Thursday December 24, a partner or nominated support person can visit the antenatal and postnatal wards for one hour per day, in a nominated time slot. They will be provided with PPE to wear and will need to follow social distancing rules. Unfortunately children are not allowed to attend.

• From Monday April 12, partners will be able to attend all pregnancy scans and antenatal appointments. Social distancing measures are in place, and partners will be escorted to the scan room and leave via a one way system.Your partner will be asked to wait outside the main entrance of Jessop Wing and will be called into the appointment when the scan or appointment is about to take place. This is to ensure there are as few people as possible in the unit at any one time. Masks must be worn throughout.
Partners are already able to attend during labour and for the birth of the child, including elective C-sections, and to stay for a short time afterwards.

The reason restrictions have been in place for scan attendance and other appointments has been to protect patients and their babies. The level of COVID-19 cases in Sheffield has been very high during the pandemic and so we have tried to minimise the number of people coming into Jessops who could potentially transmit the virus unknowingly, given that many people do not display symptoms.

We also now have to consider the new variant of the virus, which we know is likely to be in our communities already and is up to 70% more transmissible, and for this reason we ask that all those attending strictly adhere to the arrangements we are putting in place.

Professor Chris Morley, Chief Nurse, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, explained:

“Our teams have worked really hard to balance the safety of women and their babies with the understandable desire for partners to be as involved as possible with such a special event in their lives, and so we are pleased to be in a position where we can now take these steps to ease some of the restrictions we have had in place. We will need to continually monitor the position given the new rise in COVID-19 cases and ask partners to strictly adhere to any new guidance which is issued and undertake a COVID-19 tests when asked, wear PPE and socially distance at all times. By working together we can limit the potential transmission of this awful virus to women and babies in Jessops.”


COVID-19 Maternity service guidance

Jessop Wing teams are taking all precautions possible to limit the spread of COVID-19. As a result we have put in place the following restrictions to safeguard our mums and babies as far as possible. This is in line with national maternity services.

• Only one birth partner is allowed either in labour or at an elective caesarean section. This person must be COVID-19 symptom free and not self-isolating

• After the birth of your baby your birth partner can visit you on the postnatal ward for 1 hour per day.

This has been a difficult decision but we have to do all we can to limit the spread of this virus and we would ask for your understanding during this unprecedented time.

Important information about antenatal appointments - COVID19

Important information about maternity appointments:

Please attend your routine antenatal care appointment at the Jessop Wing as planned if you are well.

To help limit the spread of Coronavirus please:

• If you have a fever or new persistent cough or are in self-isolation due to a family member being symptomatic of Covid-19 please contact us before coming to your antenatal appointment on 0114 2268091

For the latest update about maternity services, including neonatal visiting, click here.



Antenatal and Newborn screening tests

The link below gives information about Screening Tests for You and Your Baby. The webpage also shows the information in various languages and links to an mp3 audio file for people with sight loss.

This link below provides an easy read version of the booklets for each of the antenatal and newborn screening tests.

The following link covers all the newborn screening tests taken in the Neonatal Unit and comes in other languages too.



Staying safe online

It has come to our attention recently that a fake Facebook account (calling itself a variation on Nhs Sheffield) has been set up in an attempt to engage with patients who use our services at Jessop Wing pretending to be a member of staff.

This account has been reported to Facebook and the relevant authorities have also been informed.

Our staff do not contact patients through Facebook and make requests for them to send personal details or information. We will never use Facebook or similar platforms to contact you as a patient.

Our official Trust Facebook presence is a page which can be found here

Patient Information

For jessops patient informaiton resources please click here

Patient information videos

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 Accessibility Guide for the Jessop Wing



Additional Information

Getting in touch with our wards

There are several ways to contact us depending on the information that you require.

If you know the Ward which you want to call simply call 226 9696 and then state the name of the Ward when prompted.

Main Switchboard - 0114 271 1900

Labour Ward/Admissions - 0114 226 1035

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