25 May 2011

Sheffield Gastroenterology Unit awarded for excellence and innovation

Edward Robshaw is just one patient who knows why Sheffield Teaching Hospitals has been recognised in a new gastroenterology awards programme for excellence and innovation in patient care.

The team at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital’s Gastroenterology and Liver Unit were delighted to win a Movetis MAGIC award and £5,000 for their ‘gold standard’ Specialist Endoscopy Centre and Clinical Investigations Unit.

Edward, 63, from Wakefield, recently underwent a Capsule Endoscopy at the Unit after suffering from internal bleeding. Capsule endoscopies or ‘camera pills’ allow clinicians to fully investigate the guts of patients with known or suspected gastrointestinal disorders without the use of invasive tubes.

As the ‘camera pill’ uncovered abnormalities in Edward’s intestine, Doctors at the Hospital then performed a Double Balloon Enteroscopy* (DBE) to identify and mark two tumours with a tattoo ready for surgeons to find and remove them.

Professor David Sanders, Consultant Gastroenterologist at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and University of Sheffield, explains: “Pinpointing and marking the area with a tattoo allows surgeons to find and remove tumours quickly, reducing the time the patient spends in surgery.

"DBE and capsule endoscopy in combination are two of the most powerful to investigate the small bowel. By performing DBE we are often able to treat bleeding lesions in such a way that the patients can avoid surgery.”

Edward, a Combustion Engineer and granddad of nine, said: “I had been suffering from internal bleeding for 18 months and other methods of investigation had not picked up the tumours. The staff at the
Hallamshire Unit put me at ease straight away and were able to finally get to the problem. I am so relieved to have the tumours removed after a lot or worrying. I can see why they have won this award, they are a fantastic team.”

The multidisciplinary team, lead by Consultant Gastroenterologist’s: Dr Mark McAlindon, Professor David Sanders and Dr Reena Sidhu, have been recognised for providing a centre for excellence and see patients from across England.

The Specialist Endoscopy Centre screen’s more patients’ digestive systems using ‘camera pills’ than any where else in Europe.

Dr Mark McAlindon, is the UK specialist in this field, he said: “Capsule endoscopies are a great diagnostic and non invasive tool, they work by taking two photographs per second which is then stored as a video. Patients avoid any embarrassment or pain which can come from using the tubes. Our team approach has allowed our unit to be incredibly successful and provide a service which we are proud of both for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the people of Sheffield.”

This Movetis MAGIC award programme, which was organised and funded by Shire UK Ltd, is designed to allow units, consultants and networks working across all areas of Gastroenterology to be recognised for innovative work, to share best practice and to raise standards of patient care.

Professor Sanders, added: “We were delighted to be awarded this prize at the British Society of Gastroenterology annual meeting. Ensuring patients receive the best possible experience on our wards is extremely important to us as well as continually looking at better, more innovative, ways to improve investigations. Our team works exceptionally hard to provide excellent care at the largest small bowel endoscopy service in the country.

 " I would like to particularly congratulate the nursing staff on the Clinical Investigations Unit, as this award is really a recgonition of their expertise and enthusiasm which allowed us to build this mulitdisciplinary team.”

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