1 July 2024

Trust joins the Gloves Off campaign to improve infection prevention and support a greener future

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has joined the NHS Gloves Off campaign which aims to reduce the spread of infection between patients and cut the amount of waste produced by using unecessary gloves when caring for non infectious patients.

Professor Christopher Morley, Chief Nurse, explains: “It’s important that we don’t rely on gloves or use them when they are not required, as they can actually increase the risk of cross contamination and spread of infection. Clean, bare hands are usually better for our patients and reduce the skin irritation some colleagues may experience from the overuse of gloves. There are of course times when it is crucial that colleagues do wear gloves to prevent infection risk but its key that we remember when it is not needed.”

 Janice Byrne Nurse Consultant and Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control said: “As well as supporting our colleagues to make this change, a big part of the change is ensuring our patients know when they can expect staff to wear gloves. To support this, we have created posters that will be put up in patient areas around the Trust and encouraging staff to explain why gloves are or are not appropriate to use.”

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