3 June 2024

Sheffield's new Maternity Assessment Centre praised by First Time Mum

New Mum, Becci Amyes has praised the recently opened Maternity Assessment Centre at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's Jessop Wing.

The £2.8million purpose-built high-quality centre is open to assess and care for pregnant women and birthing people, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It was officially opened by Chief Midwifery Officer for England, Kate Brintworth on Monday 18th March 2024, who said: “I’m really pleased to see this investment in maternity services at the Trust to improve care for women, babies 

and families in the community. The round-the-clock support for women to receive an assessment at the centre following any concerns they may have about their pregnancy, will help to support quality and safe care."

Paige Hoyland, Lead Midwife of the new Maternity Assessment Centre, said: "The opening of the Maternity Assessment Centre has really enhanced the maternity experience of everyone using our services. Not only is it a really nice new modern environment to come into but the extension of the centre has created much more space and assessment rooms which means women are taken through to a room more quickly with plenty of space for partners to accompany them.”

Becci, age 33, was one of the first mums to access the new facility when she gave birth to baby girl, Sylvie, on the 4th April 2024.


Becci said: "After a couple of days of mild contractions at home, I called triage who advised I came in to the Maternity Assessment Centre to have baby's movements checked. I arrived at the centre with my husband Matt and was quickly taken into an assessment room. Luckily, I had my hospital bags in the car, because the midwife advised baby's movements were fine and I was actually 4cm dilated and ready to go through to a labour suite. I had requested a pool birth and was taken through to a room straight away, we couldn't believe how big the pool room was and all of the equipment available. A few hours later Sylvie was born at around 1.30am. It was incredibly intense but definitely one of the best days of my life."

"We were amazed at how modern and spotlessly clean the assessment centre was when we walked in. It was really calm and quiet and we had no wait at all really until we were assessed and then taken through to a labour suite. The midwives were really nice, they read through my birth preferences thoroughly and made such a lovely atmosphere. They were always on hand, and completing the regular checks, but also gave us space which allowed by husband to be next to the pool, coaching me and experience it all with me. I would definitely recommend Jessop Wing to expecting parents."

Laura Rumsey, Director of Midwifery at Jessop Wing said: “I am thrilled that Becci and other expectant parents are benefitting from the new facilities here at Jessop Wing. The Maternity Assessment Centre is often the first step families take towards welcoming their new baby into the world, so we take great pride in providing a safe, clean and reassuring environment which sets a calming tone for the rest of their birthing journey.”

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