9 February 2024

New parents give the thumbs up to maternity care in Sheffield

New parents are happy with the care provided to them and their newborns at Jessop Wing according to the results of the national Maternity Survey 2023.

Jessop Wing scored above the national average and better than their own score from the previous year in a number of areas.

These included:

• Being treated with respect and dignity during labour and birth; (a score of 9.3 (out of 10) from the Jessop Wing parents surveyed, which is an increase from the 2022 score of 8.8),

• Having confidence and trust in staff during labour and birth; (a score of 8.7, which is an increase from the 2022 score of 8.3),

• Feeling involved enough in decisions about their care during labour and birth; (a score of 8.6 which is a significant increase from a score of 7.8 in 2022).

• Being provided with relevant information about feeding their baby (a score of 7.5, which is a significant increase from a score of 6.8 in 2022)

One mum who agrees with the praise that the Jessop Wing has received is Ana Javornik who lives in Crookes, Sheffield.

The 39-year-old new mum gave birth to her baby boy Max weighing 2.9 kilos (around 6 pound 4) and in August 2023.

She said: “My care really mirrors the findings from the survey. Thanks to the care and encouragement from my midwives, I was empowered to give birth in the way I had hoped in a lovely environment with soft lighting. I felt as though I was in good hands right from early labour when I phoned the Jessop Wing who asked me to come in for the first check. They provided sufficient information on how to continue for a while longer at home and advised when to call back to be admitted.

"Once I was admitted and my contractions began to ramp up, I was really happy to be taken to the birthing pool room with my supportive midwives, Vicky Wilkins and Yisha Jackson. They were really positive and encouraged me to breathe through the contractions and reassured me that I was on the right track. I was given small amounts of pain relief as I requested which helped alongside the relief from the pool. As this was my first birth it was great to have midwives that really gave me the confidence to keep going all whilst making sure that my husband was fully included in the process. This made it feel like we were a team and even though Vicky’s shift was coming to an end, when she saw I was very close to delivery she continued for an extra 40 minutes to see Max come into the world rather than change midwives at the last minute.

"When Max was born he was immediately placed on my chest which was the most beautiful moment of my life. I did have difficulties with delivering my placenta, which is where a doctor was called in and the care I needed for that last part was handled efficiently and I was again resting with my baby as soon as that became possible. I was then supported with feeding and given advice on how to continue breastfeeding, which we are still doing. Max is now 5 months and thriving.”

Laura Rumsey, Midwifery Director at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It’s fantastic to see lots of areas of good practice highlighted in in the survey in the same year Jessop Wing’s CQC rating has improved following inspection. It was particularly great to see that nearly every person surveyed agreed that they were treated with kindness and compassion which we strive to ensure happens every time.”

Whilst overall results of the survey were positive, the Trust has identified some areas where improvements will continue to be made.

“We recognise there are some areas in which we would like to score better such as patients feeling as though they have enough information about induction in which we scored lower than the national average. We have recently launched a new website which has a full section on induction and many other areas of maternity care which we will be signposting women to from the start of their pregnancy.”

Photos: Baby Max with parents Ana and Morgan


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