4 December 2023

New convenient Discharge Lounge opens to make it easier for relatives to collect patients ready to go home

A new comfortable and homely Discharge Lounge has been opened at the Northern General Hospital to provide a more convenient location for relatives to collect patients who are ready to go home and also to enable patients to wait in a nice area with refreshments, TV etc.

Patients who are being discharged from hospital and are going to be taken home by a relative or ambulance patient transport will be able to be collected from the new discharge lounge near Brearley Outpatients at the Northern General Hospital.

Ward staff will ensure patients are transferred to the Discharge lounge where they will be looked after by our friendly nursing and support team while they await their transport.

The Discharge Lounge, which is open 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday, will be easily accessible for ambulance, taxis and patients’ relatives (from number 7 on the site map link) with no need to find a parking space as you can pull straight up to the door.

Whilst the Lounge is designed to cater to the needs of many patients, there are some patients who may be better suited to remain on their current ward until discharged (such as patients who are receiving end stage palliative care or have an infectious disease). Please speak to your / your relative’s nurse to check if you are not sure of discharge arrangements

Click here for the patient discharge leaflet




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