1 June 2023

Jessop Wing intensive care baby returns to thank staff 18 years on

Thomas Newton, from Dronfield, commemorated his 18th birthday this month by returning to the hospital where he was cared for during the first four months of his life.

 Born prematurely in 2005 weighing just 2 pounds and 1 ounce, Thomas spent the first few months of his life on the neonatal intensive care unit at the Jessop Wing in Sheffield.

Thomas’s mother, Fiona, was admitted to hospital in May 2005 with pre-eclampsia, a condition that causes high blood pressure and resulted in Thomas being delivered by emergency caesarean at just 27 weeks.

He spent a total of 102 days on the neonatal intensive care unit until he was finally able to return home in August of that year.

Now 18 years old and with plans to go to university later this year, Thomas visited the Jessop Wing alongside his father, Richard Newton, to thank staff and see the place where he was born. Richard said:

“We really got to know the staff at the Jessop Wing whilst Thomas was in hospital and that made our experience so much easier. We became friends and eventually it didn’t even feel like we were in hospital, it felt like we were with family. 18 years later and we still keep in touch with some of the team that looked after Thomas.”

During their visit, Thomas and Richard met Tracey Burton, Senior Sister at the Jessop Wing, and Lisa Lincoln, who cared for Thomas when he was born.

The fantastic care the family received whilst in hospital also inspired Richard to start working at the neighbouring children’s hospital as a Lead Governor. Thomas’s sister, Grace, was also born at the Jessop Wing in 2009.

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