24 May 2023

Meet Rhianna Noble nutrition champion on Robert Hadfield 4

Today we profile Rhianna Noble, Nursing Associate and nutrition champion lead on Robert Hadfield 4, who recently implemented a nutritional board to help educate both staff and patients. 

Rhianna is one of over 140 nutritional champions across the Trust, who raise the profile of nutrition and hydration within our organisation and celebrate the good works that happen all over our Trust to promote and encourage good nutrition and hydration for our patients.

“Robert Hadfield 4 is a gastroenterology and hepatology ward and we care for a variety of patients, many of whom have liver disease. Nutrition plays a big part in the recovery of these patients which is why I find my job role so important.

“The idea for the nutritional board first came to me after I attended a nutrition study day. I went back to the ward with some information they had given me and that’s when I suggested the idea of the nutrition board. I felt I had learnt so much and thought others could too.

“The nutrition board on Hadfield 4 aims to help staff, patients and even visitors to increase their knowledge and reach out if they need help/support. All staff/patients and visitors that have seen the board think it is great and said they have learned something from it. The board is still quite new, so I plan to change the information every so often to keep it up to date.

“I feel very passionate about being a nutritional champion. I think if you have something you are really interested in then what better way to show it and help others while doing it!”

Thank you for championing nutrition on your ward Rhianna, and thanks to your housekeeper, Nicola, for helping with the board.

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