12 December 2022

STH Jobs Bulletin - Roles closing 18-29th December 2022

With more than 500 jobs and careers to choose from, this bulletin gives a small selection of some of our latest vacancies.

As one of the largest NHS Trusts we offer some fantastic staff benefits including:

  • Friendly teams

  • A pension that we also pay into for you

  • Flexible working

  • Generous holiday entitlement

  • Loads of discounts at national and local shops/services

  • Career development and training opportunities

  • On-site childcare

  • Free health and wellbeing support.

To find out more about any of the roles simply click on the job title. This will take you to the webpage where you can also apply. We have many more jobs available, and these can be found on our Brilliant Place to Work webpage.

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Roles closing Sunday 18th December 2022

Higher Level Care Support Worker

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

Working in our Spinal Injuries Unit, you’ll support a team of registered practitioners to plan care and deliver specialist rehabilitation activities to patients with complex spinal injuries.

Tobacco Treatment Advisor

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, permanent, full/part-time
Northern General Hospital / Cross-site

As part of the Healthy Hospital Team, you’ll provide one-to-one advice and support to patients who want to attempt to quit smoking.

Staff Nurse

Band 5 £27,055 - £32,934, permanent, full/part-time
As an experienced Registered Nurse, you’ll provide high-quality patient care and treatment to patients across our Medicine and Pharmacy Services care group.

Link Worker (Roma)

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, permanent, part-time
Jessop Wing Maternity Unit

Working within our Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Neonatology service, you’ll act as an interpreter and advocate for patients and relatives whose preferred language is Slovak Romani, and facilitating their needs and care between them and clinical staff.

Clinical Nurse Specialist (Chronic Pain Management)

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, 12-month fixed-term, part-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

As part of our multi-skilled Chronic Pain Management team, you’ll help to care for and assess patients for treatments to manage pain across a range of conditions, including across outpatients, acute and community settings.

Senior Sister/Charge Nurse

Band 7 £41,659 - £47,672, permanent, full-time
Weston Park Cancer Centre

You’ll provide specialist nursing care to our cancer patients, including symptom management and end-of-life care, as well as supporting the ward Matron in the leadership of nursing care across Ward 3.

Cancer Pathway Navigator

Band 4 £23,949 - £26,282, 12-month fixed-term, full-time
Northern General Hospital

Working across our multi-site urology and colorectal cancer care teams, you’ll work with our clinical teams and act as an advocate for patients to help ensure their care progresses as quickly as possible across their care pathway.

Assistant Cancer Pathway Analyst

Band 4 £23,949 - £26,282, permanent/12-month fixed-term, full-time
Northern General Hospital

Through our Corporate Cancer Services team, you’ll deliver vital business intelligence information, support and advice to allow senior managers, directors and clinical staff to make key strategic and operation decisions for cancer services.

Trainee Nurse Practitioner (Medical Retina)

Band 5/6 £27,055 - £40,588, permanent/12-month fixed-term, full/part-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

As part of the Ophthalmology department, you’ll provide excellent nursing care to patients with a range of complex eye conditions, including planning and delivering their care and administering treatments.

Assistant Procurement Analyst

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

Working within our Procurement Team, you’ll help to analyse spending data across the Trust, identify areas for potential savings, and develop and maintain catalogues to support commercial performance and regulatory compliance.

Senior Dietitian (Home Enteral Feed)

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

As part of our Home Enteral Feeding (HEF) team, you’ll be responsible for providing high-quality dietetic care and support to patients requiring enteral feeding, within their home.

Superintendent Radiographer - Breast imaging

Band 7 £41,659 - £47,672, permanent, full-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

As an experienced Radiographer, you will support and deputise for the Breast Imaging Manager in supervising and line managing the Breast imaging Team in delivering the service to patients.

Roles closing Monday 19th December 2022

Clerical Officer - (Medical Records)

Band 2 £20,270 - £21,318, permanent, part-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

You’ll help prepare, manage and update patient records and other information to support their visits to outpatients clinics across the Trust.

Sister/Charge Nurse (Transfer of Care)

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, permanent, full-time
You’ll be part of a team facilitating the safe and timely discharge of our patients, including working with other members of the team to assess and plan care and further rehabilitation and recuperation in the community.

Staff Nurse for Ambulatory Wound Care Clinic

Band 5 £27,055 - £32,934, permanent, full/part-time

You’ll help assess and treat patients who are ambulant and no housebound who have lower leg problems and wounds, working with other teams and services across primary and secondary care.

 Roles closing Tuesday 20th December 2022

Business Change Analyst

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, 9-month fixed-term, full-time
Northern General Hospital / flexible working

In this role you’ll assist in the rollout of Microsoft 365 across the Trust, working with staff and other partners to ensure a planned, efficient service throughout.

Roles closing Wednesday 21st December 2022

Senior Clerk

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, permanent, full-time
Charles Clifford Dental Hospital

You’ll play an integral part in the administration of outpatient clinics, by working alongside our consultants and other staff to ensure that patients are booked in to clinic appointments and records are updated.

Support Secretary

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, permanent, full-time
Charles Clifford Dental Hospital

Working within the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) specialty, you will work alongside the Medical Secretaries to provide a high standard of administrative support to the consultants and their patients.

Roles closing Thursday 22nd December 2022

Estates Electrical Technician

Band 5 £27,055 - £32,934, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

You’ll carry out or oversee the repair, maintenance or installation of complex plant, equipment and buildings across the Trust.

Pensions Officer

Band 4 £23,949 - £26,282, permanent, full/part-time
Northern General Hospital / flexible working

You’ll help to support staff with advice and support around their pensions, including estimating pensionable pay and contributions, processing pensions awards, and maintaining pension records.

Diabetes Nurse Specialist (Secondary Care)

Band 7 £41,659 - £47,672, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

You’ll provide specialist diabetic care and support to patients to help them manage their condition, including support adolescent patients in using new technologies to manage their diabetes.

 Roles closing Sunday 25th December 2022

Midwife (Hospital and Community)

Band 5/6 £27,055 - £40,588, permanent, full/part-time
Jessop Wing Maternity Unit

Based in our Maternity Services Team, you’ll provide high-quality midwifery care to mums and babies.

Roles closing Monday 26th December 2022

Information and Assurance Manager

Band 7 £41,659 - £47,672, permanent, full-time
You’ll support the Head of Information and Governance by providing efficient, effective and high-quality Estates information capable of meeting all statutory, regulatory and NHS requirements to ensure a safe fit for purpose estate for the patients we treat.

Roles closing Tuesday 27th December 2022

Cardiothoracic Theatre Equipment Co-ordinator

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

You’ll be responsible for the effective management and maintenance of all medical equipment across our Cardiothoracic operating theatres and Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit, ensuring it is safe to use for our patients.

Capital Accountant

Band 7 £41,659 - £47,672, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

You’ll be responsible for the financial management of the Trust’s Capital Programme, including producing plans, analysis, options and business cases to ensure value for money, and supporting year-end accounting.

Deputy Capital Accountant

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

You’ll support the Capital & Investment Finance Manager to help manage the Trust Capital Programme finances.

 Roles closing Thursday 29th December 2022

Clinical IT Systems Trainer

Band 5 £27,055 - £32,934, permanent/fixed-term, full-time
You’ll help to train and support staff to the highest standard to ensure the safe and efficient use of all electronic patient records and IT systems.

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