28 November 2022

STH Jobs Bulletin - Roles closing 4-12th December 2022

With more than 500 jobs and careers to choose from, this bulletin gives a small selection of some of our latest vacancies. As one of the largest NHS Trusts we offer some fantastic staff benefits including:

  • Friendly teams

  • A pension that we also pay into for you

  • Flexible working

  • Generous holiday entitlement

  • Loads of discounts at national and local shops/services

  • Career development and training opportunities

  • On-site childcare

  • Free health and wellbeing support.

To find out more about any of the roles simply click on the job title. This will take you to the webpage where you can also apply. We have many more jobs available, and these can be found on our Brilliant Place to Work webpage.

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Roles closing Sunday 4th December 2022

Clerical Officer (Medical Records)

Band 2 £20,270 - £21,318, permanent, full-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

As part of our 24/7 Medical Records service, you’ll help to maintain and prepare medical and case notes in a complete, timely and accurate manner.

Fire Safety Advisor

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, permanent, full-time

You’ll work across all Trust premises providing advice, support and guidance on fire safety and ensuring environments are safe and meet legal standards.

Associate Clinical Engineer (Electro-Mechanical Team)

Band 4 £23,949 - £26,282, permanent, full-time
You’ll help to maintain and repair a range of hospital beds and other electro-mechanical medical devices which are vital for patient care.

Support Secretary (Histopathology)

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, permanent, full-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital
You’ll provide comprehensive secretarial and admin support to our Histopathology labs and team of consultants.

Research Nurse

Band 5 £27,055 - £32,934, permanent, full/part-time
You’ll help to support the care and recruitment of patients to a wide range of clinical trials across the Trust, including the study of new medicines, vaccines, care and treatment pathways.

Personal Assistant (Patient and Healthcare Governance)

Band 4 £23,949 - £26,282, permanent, part-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Here you will provide an efficient, comprehensive and highly confidential administrative and secretarial service to the new Quality Director.

Food Services Assistant (Central Campus)

Band 2 £20,270 - £21,318, permanent, full/part-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Working across our patient kitchens, dining rooms and production areas, you’ll provide a nutritious and hygienic food service to our patients, staff and visitors.

Multi-skilled Building Maintenance Technician

Band 5 £27,055 - £32,934, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

Part of our Estates Directorate, you’ll carry out and oversee repairs, maintenance and installations across our buildings, including day-to-day breakdowns, and planned preventative works.

Specialist MSK Podiatrist/Trainee Staff Podiatrist

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, permanent, part-time

Working in our PhysioWorks Service, you’ll provide expert podiatry care and advice to patients with a range of foot and lower limb musculoskeletal conditions.

Patient Food Service Assistant (Northern Campus)

Band 2 £20,270 - £21,318, permanent, part-time
Northern General Hospital
You’ll help provide food preparation and catering services to our patients, visitors and staff across our deli bars, kitchens and dining areas.

Lead Therapist

Band 7 £41,659 - £47,672, permanent, full/part-time
Northern General Hospital

As part of our Specialised Medicine Team, you’ll provide leadership and management across physio and occupational therapy services to our day patients across Oncology, Haematology, Urology, Breast, Pulmonary Hypertension and Infectious Diseases.

Medical Records Supervisor

Band 4 £23,949 - £26,282, permanent, full-time
Charles Clifford Dental Hospital

You’ll be responsible for managing the Medical Records team for the hospital, ensuring that patient notes are created, organised, tracked and distributed in a timely and efficient manner.

Support Secretary

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, permanent, full-time
You’ll provide admin and secretarial support to our Occupational Health Service, including supporting patients at clinic reception, audiotyping and more.

 Roles closing Monday 5th December 2022

Senior Therapy Assistant

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, permanent, part-time
Working alongside a team of Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Admin staff in our PhysioWorks Team, you’ll support clinical staff in treating and managing patients with a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Head of Medical Device Management Services

Band 8b £56,164 - £65,262, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

Here you’ll lead and manage a safe and effective medical device management services from within the Clinical Engineering department.

Roles closing Tuesday 6th December 2022

Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, permanent, part-time
Northern General Hospital

You’ll provide clinical speech and language therapy services to a specialised caseload of adult patients on our acute wards, including the assessment and management of communication disorders and dysphagia.

Roles closing Wednesday 7th December 2022

Senior Midwife

Band 7 £41,659 - £47,672, permanent, full-time
Jessop Wing Maternity Hospital

You’ll help to lead the planning and management of staff and services across our Antenatal Ward, where you’ll develop and provide safe, high-quality and personalised midwifery care.

Stroke Quality Improvement Rehabilitation Manager (Yorkshire & Humber)

Band 8b £56,164 - £65,262, 7-month fixed-term, full-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital / hybrid working

You’ll work with a range of regional partners to facilitate the implementation of the national Integrated Community Stroke Service Model (ICSSM), working collaboratively to address system level challenges.

System Administrator (Inventory Management)

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, 12-month fixed-term, full-time
As part of the Inventory Management Team within the Procurement Department, you’ll support the implementation and ongoing delivery of a new Inventory Management System for the Trust to track stock across our hospitals and services.

 Roles closing Sunday 11th December 2022

Physicians Associate

Band 7 £41,659 - £47,672, 12-month fixed-term, full-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Working in our Haematology Department, you’ll help support colleagues across our inpatient and outpatient services by assessing patients and carrying out a range of procedures.

Clinical Nurse Specialist (Breast)

Band 7 £41,659 - £47,672, permanent, full-time
Weston Park Cancer Centre

You’ll provide specialist nursing support to patients undergoing breast cancer treatment, acting as their point of contact throughout their treatment journey and providing a link between surgery and oncology services.

Active Programmes Nurse (Pulmonary & Cardiac Rehabilitation)

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, 9-month secondment, part-time
Working in our Active Programmes Team, you’ll provide nursing and rehabilitation support to patients with a range of pulmonary and cardiac conditions.

Senior Therapeutic Radiographer Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, permanent, full-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Working in the National Centre for Stereotactic Radiosurgery, you’ll deliver safe and effective radiation therapies to our patients.

Specialist Podiatrist

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, permanent, full/part-time

You’ll provide a range of specialist podiatry care in the community to patients with diabetes and other conditions, with the chance to gain experience across musculoskeletal conditions and surgery.

Safeguarding Advisor

Band 6 £33,706 - £40,588, permanent, full/part-time
Northern General Hospital

You will support our Head of Safeguarding in monitoring safeguarding concerns and advising supporting staff across the Trust, in line with our statutory roles and responsibilities.

Project Manager

Band 7 £41,659 - £47,672, 12-month fixed-term, full-time
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Here you’ll provide project management and communications expertise to the development projects across the Devices for Dignity (D4D) consortium.

Rehabilitation Assistant Team Planner

Band 3 £21,730 - £23,177, permanent, full-time
Community House

Working within Community Intermediate Care Service (CICS), you’ll help to plan and coordinate care for patients within their own homes, where you’ll schedule care calls for patients undergoing stroke care and rehabilitation and enter care data on to the system.

Roles closing Monday 12th December 2022

Maintenance Technician (Mechanical)

Band 5 £27,055 - £32,934, permanent, full-time
Northern General Hospital

As part of our Estates Team, you’ll carry out or oversee the repair, maintenance or installation of complex plant, equipment and buildings belonging to the Trust.

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