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1 February 2022

Young mother who gave birth at only 24 weeks praises care from Sheffield Hospital

Katie Dolan, aged 24 from Heckmondwike, has praised the care she received at the Jessop Wing in Sheffield after giving birth to her daughter, Niamh, at only 24 weeks and 5 days.

Katie said, “I’d been feeling unwell for a few days so my mum was staying with me to make sure I was ok. I woke up to go to the toilet and started having really strong contractions so my mum rang an ambulance.”

Within 15 minutes of her contractions starting, Katie gave birth to Niamh, who was delivered at home by her mother, Joanne Dolan. As she was born so early, Niamh had problems with her lungs and had to be resuscitated twice by Joanne before the paramedics arrived and she was taken to Pinderfields Hospital.

Katie said, “It was all quite a blur at the time, but I remember going in a separate ambulance to the hospital and having to wait a few hours before being able to see her”.

Niamh required specialist medical care and so was transferred from Pinderfields Hospital to the specialist neonatal intensive care unit at theJessop Wing in Sheffield.

“The care I received at the Jessop Wing was amazing. I felt so worried at first with her being so far away but after meeting the nurses and seeing how well she was cared for; my mind could be put to rest a little bit.”

Katie was only able to visit Niamh for a couple hours each day due to the distance and having two other children at home.

“The nurses took time to get to know Niamh and find out what comforts her best, as well as taking time to find out my preferences in how 

she was cared for, which made it a lot easier for me to feel she would be settled there.”

“The doctors made sure I understood everything about Niamh’s health and took time to speak to me when I was there to see if I had any questions, which was really reassuring. There was also one nurse called Ann who was extremely special to Niamh and my family. She really took her time to help me feel confident in caring for her and helped me get past my fears and emotions that were making me feel like I couldn’t do it. She also made sure Niamh had her own pink blanket and hat.”

Niamh was cared for at the Jessop Wing for a total of five weeks before being transferred back to Pinderfields Hospital to be closer to home. She is now on high flow oxygen therapy at Pinderfields and whilst still unwell and not quite ready to come home, has made huge progress.

“I’ll never forget how amazing all the nurses at the Jessop Wing were, we still have a long road ahead, but they were such an important part of her journey”.


PHOTO 1: Niamh recovering at Pinderfields Hospital.

PHOTO 2: Niamh shortly after she was born at the Jessop Wing.


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