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27 January 2022

Patients and visitors to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals sites will still be required to wear a mask

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals are reminding patients and visitors that a mask and negative lateral flow test will still be required when visiting any of their sites, despite the national requirement to wear a mask in public places and shops being lifted today (27 January).

Chief Nurse, Professor Chris Morley said: “The requirement to wear a mask has not changed for healthcare settings and so we are reminding everyone coming into our hospitals or community services to still wear their mask and ensure they have a negative lateral flow test. It is important because COVID-19 cases remain high in Sheffield and we still have over 270 patients in our hospitals with the virus as well as new patients coming in each day. Thankfully we are seeing a small reduction in the number of COVID-19 admissions which is encouraging but at the moment the situation has not changed enough for us to remove infection prevention measures and potentially increase the risk of transmission of the virus.

“We care for vulnerable people and we also need our staff to be well so they can deliver that care. For this reason we are asking people to support us by doing a lateral flow test before they come and wearing a mask whilst here. We are also asking people to be kind and respectful to staff who may ask visitors or patients to wear a mask, they are simply doing their job and playing their part in trying to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We are very grateful for the continued public support.”


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