2 November 2021

Jessop Wing introduces Tommy's App

A new digital tool to improve maternity care in the UK has been developed for women and maternity staff to use together throughout your pregnancy care.

The Jessop Wing in Sheffield is one of the first four hospitals in England to offer the Tommy’s App. Your community midwife will discuss this with you further, and you will also receive information in the letter that invites you to your booking appointment. You can find out more information about the Tommy’s App here: https://www.rcog.org.uk/tommys  

The Tommy’s App personalises maternity care by identifying each woman’s chance of having a premature birth (when baby is born early) and of developing complications during pregnancy such as problems with placental function. This is when the placenta does not function as it should, which may show as pre-eclampsia or prevent baby growing properly. By identifying the chance of complications early, the Tommy’s App ensures that the right monitoring and care can be offered throughout pregnancy according to each woman’s individual needs.

Both you and your maternity team will be able to use the app together. It offers you direct access to your maternity care information, consistent with your hospital maternity record in accessible language and style, to help support discussion with your midwife or doctor so you can make informed decisions about your care. It will provide personalised care recommendations and offer advice if you experience any pain, bleeding, or changes in your baby’s movements.

The Tommy’s App also includes an information and resources hub where you can find links to online pregnancy information and guidance, tailored to your stage of pregnancy. All information included is published by trusted resources such as NHS, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and Tommy’s Charity.

Before your next midwife appointment at the Jessop Wing, please go to www.tommysapp.org where you can sign up and register your details.
This means that when you arrive at your next appointment, your midwife will be able to search for your record on the maternity system and begin your maternity care pathway on the Tommy’s App system.

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