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11 October 2021

One-Stop diabetes screening service wins national award

A team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals has won a national NHS Innovation award for a new One-Stop diabetes screening service.

The One-Stop diabetes screening service enables patients to get all the nine annual diabetes health checks at the same time instead of having to make multiple visits to hospital or their GP. By doing all of the annual health checks at the same time it also means potential complications of diabetes such peripheral neuropathy and early kidney damage can be picked up promptly and patients can be referred for the necessary care or given advice to make beneficial lifestyle changes. The One-stop service is being piloted in GP hubs in Sheffield.

Professor Solomon Tesfaye, who received the Medipex award in the “Delivering Benefits through Diagnosis and Screening” category on behalf of the Sheffield Diabetes Team, explains: “The team who have developed this service really do deserve this award as it has the potential to prevent many patients with diabetes from suffering from often debilitating side effects of the illness. Currently only around half of all people with diabetes in Sheffield have all the 9 annual health checks but we hope the One-stop service will encourage more people to come forward for these important checks.”



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