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27 January 2021

Sheffield gastroenterologist receives international accolade for research

A consultant gastroenterologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has won a prestigious international accolade in recognition of his research into irritable bowel syndrome and other functional gastrointestinal disorders.

Dr Imran Aziz, who is also a senior clinical lecturer at the University of Sheffield, is one of only a handful of selected researchers across Europe to be awarded a United European Gastroenterology (UEG) Rising Star 2021 Award.

UEG Rising Stars are highly promising emerging clinical researchers who have an exceptional scientific track record and have produced internationally visible, independent research.

Dr Aziz’s research has focused on functional gastrointestinal disorders, an umbrella term for disorders of the digestive system which cannot be explained by a physical change in the structure of an organ or part, such as inflammation or a tumour.

As well as being instrumental in helping to identify the prevalence of functional gastrointestinal disorders, his research has led to an understanding of the mechanisms in which they interact with the different regions of the stomach, small intestine/bowel and colon and their impact on the quality of people’s lives.

His research was also the first to report the population prevalence of self-reported non-coeliac gluten sensitivity and how this is associated with functional gastrointestinal disorders. Information and data about this condition is now used by other NHS centres across the country and has been validated internationally.

He is currently performing a landmark study assessing the efficacy of different dietary therapies for irritable bowel syndrome. Dr Aziz is also part of an expert team, within the UK, writing updated guidelines for the management of irritable bowel syndrome.

Dr Imran Aziz, said: “I am delighted to have won this prestigious international honour. Such humbling accolades are only possible when patients and colleagues team up to do the very best research and I hope we continue on this journey together to make a difference. I am extremely grateful to be part of a wonderful and vibrant team.”

Professor David Sanders, Clinical Lead of the Academic Department of Gastroenterology at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, added: “This is a truly fantastic achievement. Very few individuals receive such an international accolade and are recognised leaders within their field, and this is a testament to all the hard work Imran has put in over the last decade.”

The award will be presented to Dr Aziz during UEG Week, which takes place between the 3rd and 5th October.


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