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26 November 2020

Community staff perform their own version of George Ezra hit as tribute to colleagues

Community healthcare staff in Sheffield have made a music video as a tribute to the dedication of their colleagues and counterparts in the city and across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The staff from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust reworked the George Ezra hit ‘Shotgun’ to produce their own version called ‘Out There.’


The song describes how community staff have continued working through the pandemic to help vulnerable and isolated patients.

The new chorus is:

I’ll be riding out there
Treating someone somewhere
Giving them the best care

The lyrics were written by Maria Levesley, a Nurse Lead in the Integrated Care Team. Maria studied for a degree in music before she trained as a nurse.

Her colleagues then filmed themselves performing the song in their own time, and Maria edited the clips together to create the video.

Maria said: “We wanted to do something to raise awareness of community workers because we have never stopped at any point during the pandemic.

“We are now in the second wave and we are seeing patients who are perhaps vulnerable or isolated, and are even more isolated because of lockdown and worries about the virus. We might be the only people some patients see during lockdown periods. We look after many patients who are receiving end of life care. It has been hard but it is what we do well and we are very proud to be doing it.”

As well as seeing all their patients, the workload of community staff has also been added to by the necessity to put on and take off PPE and clean down all equipment for each visit.

“The adaptability, professionalism and collaboration across teams that has enabled us to keep providing the service has been fantastic,” said Maria.

“Making the song and the video has helped to keep up spirits and motivation, and is a thank you to all community workers.”

You can listen to the song and watch the video here.

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