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5 May 2020

Thank You NHS banner made by school children given pride of place in hospital

A thank you banner made by the children of key workers has been framed and displayed in pride of place in a Sheffield hospital.

The artwork, featuring hearts in the colours of a rainbow and a ‘Thank You NHS’ message was made by the children of key workers who attend St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Doncaster.

It has been hung on the wall by the Huntsman main entrance at the Northern General Hospital.

The children said they were proud that the work was on display at the hospital, and that they hoped “people like it and it makes them smile when they see it".

It came about after Andrea Smith, Procurement Director at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, asked a friend who worked at the school if any of the children could draw a picture to brighten up their offices.

The children decided they could do more than that, and painted their design onto a double bed sheet.

Andrea said: “It looks amazing - I had a few tears when I saw it! The children loved seeing the pictures of it on the wall. They were very proud. Thank you so much to St Peter’s, we love it.”
St Peter’s Year 6 teacher Teresa Phelan said: “We are really delighted to see that the banner has been framed so well and placed in such a prominent position within the hospital. Thank you for treating it with such gratitude and importance.”

Chris Morley, Chief Nurse at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, said: “It is wonderful how much support we have had from schools in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. It really is a boost for our staff to receive the many heartfelt messages, cards and artworks.

“While it is not possible to display every single one, we do share them with as many of our staff as we possibly can. I’d like to thank all the schools that have sent us messages of support, it is hugely appreciated.”

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