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27 April 2020

Virtual visiting helps patients keep in touch with friends and family

Phones and tablet devices have been deployed to all inpatient wards at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to enable patients to see loved ones virtually.

The devices, which include Android phones and iPads, will help patients who may not have access to their own devices to speak to friends and family via video calls and applications such as WhatsApp and FaceTime.

The secure devices are connected to the Trust’s free Wi-Fi, which patients can also use to make calls from their own devices.

The Trust has stopped hospital visiting as part of its response to Covid-19 and efforts to limit the spread of the virus. The technological solution will help to ensure that despite these restrictions patients are still able to contact the people close to them.

Karen Jessop, Deputy Chief Nurse, said: “We know how important it is for patients to see family and friends while they are in hospital and, while nothing can replace seeing your loved ones in person, these devices will help to ensure patients can keep in touch with those close to them. A big thank you to our IT teams who have worked so hard to make this available for our patients and their families.”

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