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4 March 2020

A businessman has praised the hospital care he received after he broke his wrist in a fall at home

A businessman has praised the hospital care he received after he broke his wrist in a fall at home.

Anthony Hinchliffe, 59, who is CEO of city firm Ant Marketing, sustained the injury when he slipped on a wet floor in the kitchen.

He attended the Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital where he had a cast fitted, and then an operation at the Northern General later the same week to put a metal plate in his wrist. After the operation he was able to return home the same day.

Anthony said: “I was delighted with the experience I had with all the teams, from receptionists to consultants, and the lovely lady who brought me tea and toast in the recovery area.”

After his fall, Anthony initially thought he had just sprained his wrist and attended a Sheffield United game before his daughter persuaded him he should get it checked out.

“I rang up the MIU and was told there was only a short wait. I had an X-ray within 20 minutes, and I had anaesthetic and a plaster cast put on and was referred to the hand clinic. It was all very professional.

“The hand clinic was a fantastic specialist team, and they thought a metal plate would provide the best result for me.

“I had an operation just two days later, which was outstanding. My left arm was anaesthetised and everything explained gently to me so nothing was scary.

“The op took about 45 minutes, and then everyone in the recovery area was very pleasant and I was offered some food. I hadn’t eaten before the operation so I had some hot toast and butter with a cup of tea, and it was like the best toast I have ever had! Then within a short period of time I was on my way home.

“Overall I felt it was a very highly motivated and skilled team that treated me.”

Anthony said his wrist is now recovering well.

“I’ve never broken a bone before, so I’d love to be able to say I broke it doing something heroic like rescuing an old lady, but no, I just slipped in the kitchen.”

The Minor Injuries Unit provides treatment for adults (over 16) for non-life threatening injuries or illnesses including sprains and strains, wound infections, minor burns and scalds, insect and animals bites and rib injuries. It is located at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.


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