8 November 2019

Information events to raise awareness of pressure ulcers

A number of information events to raise awareness of pressure ulcers are being held by healthcare professionals in Sheffield during November.

Community nursing teams from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, along with staff from care homes across the city, will be holding events in public venues from 18th- 22nd November, to tie-in with the international Stop Pressure Ulcer Day, which is on November 21.

Hospital nursing staff will also be raising awareness throughout the week, including ward visits and information stands at the Northern General, Royal Hallamshire and Weston Park Hospitals.

The aim is to increase public and patient awareness about pressure ulcers, and how they can be prevented.

Pressure ulcers, also known as pressure sores or bed sores, occur when there has been damage to an area of skin and sometimes the tissues beneath. They are mainly caused by pressure being applied to the skin for prolonged periods. This could happen to anyone, but people who are less mobile, who sit for long periods of time or who are confined to bed, are more at risk.

Pressure ulcers can occur anywhere on the body, but are most common over bony areas. They can also develop due to pressure from medical devices, such as oxygen tubing or plaster casts.

To reduce the risk of developing a pressure ulcer, it is important to:

• regularly change position if lying or sitting for long periods of time, with help from a relative, carer or healthcare professional if required
• check skin daily for early signs of pressure damage
• eat a healthy balanced diet
• stop smoking
• keep skin clean and dry
• use equipment designed to redistribute pressure, if provided by a health care professional

If you would like to find out more about pressure ulcers, please come along to one of the following public information events:

Monday 18th November:

• 9am - Graves Health and Sports Centre, Bochum Parkway, Sheffield S8 8JR
• 1pm – Waitrose Supermarket, 1-3 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8HY

Tuesday 19th November:

• 9am – Morrisons Supermarket, 84-130 Meadowhead, Sheffield S8 7UE
• 1pm – Moor Market, 77 The Moor, Sheffield S1 4PF

Thursday 21st November:

• 10am – Asda 1 Market St, Chapeltown, Sheffield S35 2UW
• 1.30pm – Howden House, 1 Union Street, Sheffield S1 2SH
Friday 22nd November:
• 9am - Asda Chaucer Rd, Sheffield S5 8NH
• 1pm – Ponds Forge, Sheaf Street Sheffield S1 2BP

If you are worried that you or a family member may be at increased risk of developing a pressure ulcer, please contact your health care professional for advice.

Pic (l-r): Kelly Wilson, Ann Hall, Maria Levesley and Louise Tabor of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

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