12 June 2018

Local MPs praise the work of interventional radiologists at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital

Local MPs hear from leading interventional radiologists at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to find out more about how image-guided surgery saves lives and money in the NHS and helps treat patients with cancer, internal bleeds and vascular problems.

Several local Members of Parliament visited the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield today to see first-hand the innovative treatments delivered by Sheffield’s world-class interventional radiology team.

Angela Smith MP, Clive Betts MP and Gill Furniss MP visited the Hospital’s interventional radiology department on Friday 8th June 2018 to see first-hand how treatments using image-guided surgery save lives and money in the NHS.

They met with Consultant Radiologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and President of the British Society for Interventional Radiology, Dr Trevor Cleveland and the expert interventional radiology team to learn more about the state-of-the-art treatments available to Sheffield residents to treat cancer, internal bleeds and vascular problems.

Angela Smith MP said it was “Great to see such innovative treatments available to people in Sheffield,” adding that she was proud to see the city leading the way on innovation that improves the lives of patients.

Interventional radiology, also known as image-guided surgery, allows doctors to use high tech imaging equipment to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system in the body without the need to use open surgery or laparoscopic technique.

Image-guided surgery plays an increasingly important role in how the NHS delivers care as more patients require minimally invasive procedures to address complex problems. The four Labour MPs heard from Dr Cleveland about the medical speciality and the groundbreaking services provided at Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Clive Betts MP: “It is clear Dr Cleveland and the team are providing an extremely valuable service to patients. We are lucky in Sheffield that interventional radiology is available 24/7 to patients, offering effective treatment options that allow my constituents to return to work quickly.”

The MPs were shown how, with the use of x-rays and ultrasound imaging, interventional radiologists can guide catheters through a patient’s body to pinpoint the exact area that needs to be treated. This technology means that a patient does not need to go under a general anaesthetic or have major surgery, meaning treatment is performed through 1-2mm incisions, patients recover quicker and it is cost effective too.

Gill Furniss MP: “We are very fortunate to have one of the leading centres for interventional radiology in Sheffield and a fantastic team running it. The Northern General’s interventional radiology team is a prime example of how innovation can be used to improve survival chances for patients.”

Dr Trevor Cleveland, an interventional radiologist at the Sheffield Vascular Institute and president of the British Society of Interventional Radiology, said: “It was brilliant to welcome local Members of Parliament to the department and to show them the work we can do with image-guided minimally invasive treatments. Interventional radiology provides an alternative to open surgery which is less invasive, provides quicker treatment and recovery for patients. We hope this visit will raise awareness about interventional radiology and generate more support for this subspecialty that can do so much for patients and the NHS.”


Photos: Clive Betts MP, Dr Naomi Hersey, Consultant Interventional Radiologist, Dr Trevor Cleveland, interventional radiologist at the Sheffield Vascular Institute and president of the British Society of Interventional Radiology, Gill Furniss MP and Angela Smith MP at the Northern General Hospital

Dr Trevor Cleveland, Angela Smith MP, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Chair Sir Tony Pedder OBE, Gill Furniss MP and Dr Naomi Hersey, Consultant Interventional Radiologist visit the interventional radiology department
Dr Trevor Cleveland showing Gill Furniss MP the guidewires used in the technique

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