The Sheffield Functional Neurosurgery and Neuromodulation Services have been established since 1999 and comprise two teams dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of patients with functional neurosurgical disorders and chronic pain syndromes. These teams include the Functional Neurosurgery for movement disorders service and the Chronic Pain and Neuromodulation service. The focus of both groups is on offering patients the opportunity to receive some of the most advanced treatments available that will improve quality of life.

Functional Neurosurgery Service

The Sheffield functional neurosurgery is unique within the Yorkshire and Humber region as the unit exclusively commissioned to offer surgical treatments such as Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for movement disorders and other related conditions. The service also offers a full range of stereotactic procedures including lesioning. Examples of conditions treated include Parkinson’s disease, tremulous disorders and dystonic conditions as well as other more unusual movement disorders. The group runs inter-speciality joint clinic consultations involving neurosurgery and neurology for patients with complex movement disorders referred for DBS surgery. The group also runs a specialist movement disorders MDT Meeting which occurs monthly to discuss individual patient cases.

Team Members

Neurosurgery: Mr J Yianni, Mr B Mirza

Neurology: Dr A Khan

Neurophysiology: Dr P Sarrigiannis

Neuropsychology: Dr P Walpole

Neuroradiology: Dr C Romanowski

Specialist Nurses: SPNs S Rowland, C Keeley, N Hartley, G Hitchens

Chronic Pain and Neuromodulation service

The pain and neuromodulation service is unique in the region for offering a conjoint service between the chronic pain team and neurosurgery team in order to provide a comprehensive service offering both medical and surgical treatments (such as spinal cord stimulation - SCS) for a wide range of chronic pain syndromes. Examples of such disorders include a number of chronic pain conditions such as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, Phantom Limb Pain, Neuropathic Pain and Post-Stroke Pain. The group runs an inter-speciality MDT meeting to discuss individual patient cases with complex chronic pain conditions referred for SCS surgery.

Team Members

Neurosurgery: Mr J Yianni, Mr B Mirza

Chronic pain anaesthetist: Dr N Plunkett, Dr M Berwetz

Psychology: Dr E Hurrell

Specialist Nurses: SPNs D Poole, C Whysall

Address correspondence to:

Mr J Yianni, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Department of Neurosurgery,

Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2JF

Tel: (0114) 2261200


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