Epilepsy Surgery

This comprehensive Epilepsy Surgery Service for patients with medically intractable epilepsy has been established in Sheffield about 10 years ago.

The multidisciplinary program draws referrals from the whole Yorkshire and Trent Regions and from around the country.

The whole range of investigative interventions are offered including invasive and non-invasive intracranial monitoring. Safety and efficacy of surgery is supported by the state-of-the art intraoperative neuronavigation.

The Vagus Nerve Stimulator (NCP®) programme is one of the largest in the country.

For appropriate cases Gamma Knife® is available in the Department.

The group is supported by a dedicated team of specialist nurses and other professionals. Specialist clinics, including those by nurse practitioners provide a friendly yet effective environment for these patients.

Dr Alex Barker Consultant Neurophysiologist 0114 27 12329
Mr Dev Bhattacharyya Neurosurgeon 0114 27 13301
Dr Arup Chattopadhyay Consultant Neurophysiologist 0114 27 12526
Dr Gary Dennis Neurologist 0114 27 12769
Dr Richard Grunewald Neurologist 0114 27 12306
Dr Stephen Howell Neurologist 0114 27 12942
Dr Rosalind Kandler Consultant Neurophysiologist 0114 27 12219
Dr Athi Ponnusamy Consultant Neurophysiologist 0114 22 61401
Dr Ptolemy Sarrigiannis Consultant Neurophysiologist 0114 27 12329
Professor Marcus Reuber Neurologist 0114 22 68763
Dr Hazel Reynders Neuropsychologist 0114 27 12294



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