Neurosurgical Nursing at Sheffield

Caring for patients with acute neurological injury and disability requires specialist knowledge and skills to support the patient’s optimum functional level and eventual quality of life. With this aim, nurses coming into the unit are offered an intensive, supernumerary orientation scheme, leading to a phased competency learning programme based on the Agenda for Change (2003). As the nurses progress they are encouraged to broaden their experience and further develop their leadership and clinical skills through rotation or secondment to neurology, neuro-rehabilitation and spinal injures.

Following a period of consolidation, nurses are offered the opportunity of attending the post-basic Neuroscience Course (assessed at either Diploma, Degree or Masters level). The course focuses on patient assessment, monitoring and the early management of patients with neurologic illness.

For many years the Neuroscience unit has developed a wealth of specialist nurses who support patients with chronic neurological conditions. More recently, these posts have been extended into Neurosurgery with the recent appointment of a McMillan Neuro-Oncology nurse and several Nurse Practioners who work with the Consultants Neurosurgeons, directly improving the patient’s experience.

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Mrs J Coates

Mrs C Waterhouse

Lead Practitioner for Neurosurgical Theatres
Ms B Southwell

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