Neurology Psychotherapy Service

What we do

We are a specialist psychotherapy service set up within the Department of Neurology in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, to work with:

  • People with Functional Neurological Symptoms
  • People with epilepsy

Our team consists of 6 part time specialist psychotherapists, and a specialist psychotherapy manager. We work closely with the consultant neurologists and other colleagues in the department of Neurology who refer people to our service.

The purpose of this website is to provide an introduction to our service and some information about the conditions that we work with and the treatments we offer.

Further Resources 

Service information booklets

Neurology Psychotherapy Service

Non-epileptic seizures, a short guide for patients and families

Taking control of your non-epileptic seizures

There is an information website about non-epileptic seizures here

Audio and video resources

Breath Awareness Exercise
Sensory Awareness
Time out on the spot
Awareness of Your experience
Shoulder roll technique (Video)
Hand on heart technique (Video)
Video series on Functional Neurological Disorders

Other useful websites






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