Transition Service

What does ‘transition’ mean and why is it important?

Transition is another word for change. As you grow up, you are transitioning from a child into an adult. This comes with many changes, and for you, one of them, will be moving from the Children’s Hospital to adult services here at the Metabolic Bone Centre. The transition team are here to make this change as smooth as possible for young people and their families.

Who is the transition team at the Metabolic Bone Centre?

Dr Jennifer Walsh graduated from Sheffield Medical School and trained in Endocrinology.

She studied bone development in young adults for her PhD. She specialises in the care of young adults with bone and hormone disorders and late effects of cancer treatment.

She is an active clinical researcher and teacher. She likes science stuff, music and plays a fairly good game of poker.

  • Sarah Burnand is the Senior Sister in Metabolic Bone Centre and has worked in the department for the last 8 years, but been a registered nurse since 1999. Sarah is a married mother of 2 children Molly & Max. Working full time and a busy mum Sarah doesn’t have much time for hobbies but one of my favourite past times is planning holidays!! Sarah and her family have been lucky to travel to many places but one of her favourites is Florida.
  • Helen Ecob works as Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Metabolic Bone Centre. She has worked in the centre since 2008 but qualified as a registered adult nurse in 2006. Helen is married with two daughters, Gracie and Evie. She love clothes and admits to having far too many. Her favourite past time is shopping!! Helen also enjoys family days out, holidays and socialising with friends.

Other members of staff who work in the Metabolic Bone Centre, along side the Transition Team, include staff nurses, clinical support workers and clerical staff.

Who might the MBC transition team help?

The team offer care and support to all young people, and their families that are new to adult services. This will include patients transferring from children’s to adult services, and also new patients.

What might the team do to help a young person settle in?

  • A member of the team will meet the young person in clinic at the Children’s hospital before you transition
  • A welcome letter for the young person and their parents/guardians
  • An informal tour of the Metabolic Bone Centre can be arranged
  • At the Metabolic Bone Centre, we have a specific transition room just for young people to receive their treatments

Additional Information

If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can get in touch with the department via:

  • (0114) 271 5340

Alternatively, you can reach our patient services team via:

  • Telephone on (0114) 271 2400
  • Via email on  
  • In person in the Patient Partnership Department on B Floor, Royal Hallamshire Hospital and the Huntsman main entrance on C Floor at the Northern General Hospital.
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