What are the benefits?

We believe that there will be long-term benefits for patients, the public and staff.

• For the public and patients: the opportunity to be involved in the development of the Trust.

• For staff: All employees automatically become members of the Trust and are able to elect staff members on to the Council of Governors.

• For local partner organisations: the opportunity to be represented on the Council of Governors and help to develop local services that are co-ordinated and responsive to patient needs.

 For Sheffield Teaching Hospitals it gives the opportunity to:

• Involve our patients, public and staff in the running of the organisation

 • Develop a wider range of services that look at new ways of treating and benefiting patients

• Play a bigger role in the regeneration of the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area

Overall, it puts us in a stronger position to improve services at the Trust and ensure they are designed around the needs of our local patients and public. However, it can only work with input from our Membership.



Additional Information

What's it like being a member?

Teenager Rebecca Reeves, from Richmond, is a volunteer at the Spinal Injuries Unit at the Northern General Hospital.

She said: “Being a Trust member is very useful; I get to know about the ins and outs of the hospital’s projects and feel well informed about what’s going on in the NHS – I can then feed this information back to my family.”


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