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Meet the Governors

The Governors are your representatives and are a way in which you can have a say in the development of your local hospital services. Our Governors are happy to discuss future developments or key issues facing your local hospitals.  You can email each Governor direct by using the links below each of their profiles. Alternatively contact the Foundation Trust Office on 0114 2714322 who will be happy to pass your comments or message onto a Governor.



Dr Steve Jones, Patient Governor – Elected 2017

Steve worked as a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University between 2004 and 2017, specialising in school leadership in highly disadvantaged communities, educational policy and internationalisation.

He spent much of his working life as a secondary school teacher in South Yorkshire before completing a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University. Steve also served as a member of Sheffield City Council, representing an inner city area for the Labour party, also having been council deputy leader and chair of the South Yorkshire Pensions Authority.

As a governor Steve aims to utilise his lifelong personal commitment to the NHS, close knowledge of Sheffield communities, and experience of working in partnership with local organisations. He is keen that our Sheffield hospitals continue providing high quality care, innovative practice, an excellent everyday patient experience, and a close involvement with partners in our city communities.

Contact Steve

Kath Parker - Patient Governor - re-elected 2015

Kath was elected as a Patient Governor in July 2012 having been a member of the Trust since 2004. In 2006 Kath retired from nursing at the Sheffield hospitals after 39 years service in the NHS.

Kath believes that the NHS is facing a very challenging time and it is necessary not only to maintain the excellent practices which have given Sheffield Teaching Hospitals its good reputation, but also to focus on new innovations affecting patients and their carers.

As a Governor Kath expects to be in a position to contribute to various committees, as well as listening to patients’ views which she says are vital because without this information it is difficult to judge whether or not the Trust is on the right track. Recently she has become a member of the Patient Panel attached to the Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit and is looking forward to playing a part in this group.

Contact Kath

Joyce Justice - Public Governor South East Sheffield – re-elected 2015

Joyce was elected as a Public Governor in July 2012. Joyce lived in Nottingham but moved to Sheffield four years ago. Prior to retirement she was a medical secretary to a consultant physician in a large teaching hospital where she believes she learned a lot about patient care. Joyce loved her job and the contact she had with patients and was delighted to be elected as a Governor representing South East Sheffield. She is passionate about the NHS and maintaining and improving patient care. Joyce has joined the Patient Panel of the Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit, the Committee that has an overview of the Trust’s Quality Report and has joined a group carrying out real time monitoring of patients’ views. Joyce says she is impressed with the changes that are taking place in our Sheffield hospitals in order to promote safer and better patient care.

Contact Joyce


Sue Taylor - Public Governor South West Sheffield - re-elected from 2016

I worked in the NHS for 40 years before I retired last year from my post at Sheffield Children’s Hospital where I was employed for nearly 20 years as Office Manager in the Paediatric Surgical Unit. I served two terms of office (6 years) as a Staff Governor at the Children’s Hospital and during that time I had the opportunity to be involved with patient surveys and care which I hope will continue in my new role at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

As a Governor I will be in a position to participate on committees concerned with the quality of patient care and also contribute to decisions on the Trust’s plans for the future and I am looking forward to being able to express to the Board the views of local Members who I represent, which hopefully will make a difference. I have a keen interest in helping patients and making sure that a high quality service of care and safety is available for all users of our local hospitals.

Contact Sue


Lewis Noble, Public Governor, West Sheffield - elected 2015

Originally from the West Country Lewis trained in Sheffield as a social worker and has spent almost all his adult life here. He worked at the Spinal Injuries Centre at Lodge Moor and latterly at the Northern General Hospital. Lewis retired from full-time work in 2006 and then worked part-time as a consultant to a spinal cord injury care provider, visiting hospitals and spinal cord injured people throughout England and Wales.

As a new Governor, Lewis says it is difficult to predict the role he can most usefully play – he is still getting to grips with the structures and processes involved. In view of his work and personal experience he is interested in issues such as discharge planning and the interface between care inside and outside hospital. He has also always been interested in issues around medical ethics. He is looking forward to making a contribution.

Contact Lewis

Joe Saverimoutou, Public Governor, Sheffield South West, Elected 2018

Joe is originally from the Republic of Mauritius. He trained as a nurse in 1973 and worked on the Intensive Care Unit at the Northern General Hospital. In 1978 became a senior nursing lecturer at the University of Sheffield and principal lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, retiring in 2010.

As a Governor Joe will endeavour to ensure that the Trust continues to be run with the needs of patients at the heart of everything it does, delivers quality care and remains true to the principles upon which the NHS rests. He believes that quality care is a right that all patients should expect from their local hospitals and he wants to dedicate his time and energy to supporting the Trust in working towards excellence in health care.

As well as a passion for the NHS Joe also chair’s the Sheffield Environmental Movement, a charity that works to facilitate people from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, Refugee (BAMER) communities to access the natural environment to help promote their health and wellbeing.


Contact Joe


George Chia – Patient Governor – Elected 2018

George is originally from Singapore. He qualified as a State Registered Nurse in the UK in 1964 going on to retrain as a physiotherapist, later becoming a lecturer in physiotherapy at the School of Physiotherapy in Sheffield (now part of Sheffield Hallam University). George’s interest in helping patients to cope with pain led him to train in traditional acupuncture medicine and until his retirement in 2015 he had his own private practice in Sheffield for 25 years.

George is the primary carer for his son who suffers from Dravet’s Syndrome. George’s medical background and caring for his son has made him very conscious of the importance of patient-led care in hospital. His philosophy as a clinician and an educationalist is to know your patients through not only listening but hearing what they say to you.

As a Governor George is keen to contribute towards the needs and interests of patients especially when they are in hospital.


Contact George

Ian Merriman, Public Governor, South East Sheffield, elected 2015

Ian has lived in Sheffield all his life. After serving his apprenticeship as a toolmaker he progressed to become manager of the computer controlled machine section then moved on to become technical and service director of a materials handling company in Manchester and prior to retirement he was quality manager at a company in Huddersfield.

Since retiring Ian has been involved in voluntary work visiting patients prior to surgery on the Chesterman Wards at NGH, is also a member of the Sheffield Open Heart Club (SHOC) and is involved with the Stroke Unit at RHH talking about his experiences as a carer of a stroke victim. Ian is also involved in stroke research (Aphasia) jointly with the NHS and the University of Sheffield.

Ian believes that his experiences as a former patient on the heart unit at NGH and as a carer will help in his new role as a governor.

Contact Ian


Mick Ashman, Public Governor, North – elected 2016

Mick came to Sheffield from London over 30 years ago to train as a nurse.  He developed a strong affection for Sheffield and stayed in South Yorkshire.

On qualifying Mick worked as a staff nurse at the Northern General Hospital and now teaches at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Sheffield.

Throughout his time in Sheffield he has lived in the north east of the city, in Fir Vale and Pitsmoor, and is pleased to have been elected as a Governor to represent an area of Sheffield that he feels very attached to and is looking forward to represent users of the NHS in the north of Sheffield.

Mick believes that effective governance is important in any organisation, particularly those that deliver healthcare. He considers that his experience and skills will ensure he is effective as a Governor.

Contact Mick

Martin Hodgson, Patient Governor West – elected 2016

Martin is pleased to have been elected to represent Members in West Sheffield and hopes to serve them well. He has a background in senior management of a national public sector organisation, which he believes assists him in his role as a Governor of a large and important NHS Foundation Trust.

Originally from Bradford but now living in Hangingwater, he spent almost 35 years in the Inland Revenue where in his role as a regional director he quickly learned that if as a leader you concentrate too much on processes and targets you are in danger of overlooking the most important ingredient of the mix – the people.

He has been appointed as a member of the Council of Governors’ Nominations and Remuneration Committee and is involved in oversight of its Quality Report work. He has also worked on reviewing the role and conduct of governors. Martin believes he still has a lot to learn about the Trust and the wider NHS and approaches that task with enthusiasm.

Contact Martin



Harold Sharpe – Patient Governor elected 2016

Harold originates from Barrow-in-Furness but currently lives in the Derbyshire Dales. He has been a patient for a few years at the Spinal Injuries Unit at the Northern General Hospital where he has received consistently good care and treatment.

He worked for the NHS in Cumbria for thirteen years, before moving to Derbyshire in 1986 to work for Derbyshire County Council. He retired from Local Government in 2014. He was appointed a Magistrate in 2006 and sits in the Adult Court in Derby, dealing with the full range or adult criminal work. He is a serving member of the Probation Liaison Committee.

Harold was born with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy and therefore has been involved in the NHS for all his life and as a Governor is pleased to have the opportunity to give something back. Harold is interested in working with the Trust to maintain its reputation for delivering good clinic outcomes and has a particular interest in perinatal health, patient engagement and efficient resource and financial management.

Contact Harold

Brendan Molloy – Public Governor Outside Sheffield – Elected 2018

Brendan has lived and worked in South Yorkshire all his life. In 1968 he started his working career in the regional laboratories at British Coal working in mine air analysis, X-ray spectrography and other safety work, some of which involved underground visits. Over the last 40 years he has been involved in the IT and telecommunications industry and recognises the importance of technology in the NHS.

Brendan has been a patient of STH over the past 40 years and on one occasion received life-saving treatment. He believes that the Trust is home to some of the best hospitals in the country and during the challenging times ahead for the NHS believes that it is essential that the Trust continues to provide an excellent range of treatments for all patients.

As a Governor Brendan wants to ensure the interests of all Trust Members are fairly represented and believes that everyone should have a voice in the development of services.

Contact Brendan


Chris Sterry – Public Governor West Sheffield from 2019

Chris was born in Sheffield where he still lives.

He has over 40 years work experience in finance and Learning Disability/Autism and his adult daughter has Learning Disability and Autism.

He took early retirement at the age of 62 due to depression which he has suffered with in varying degrees since 1970.

He has used all his work and life experiences to become involved with public bodies, and the charity and voluntary sectors.

Chris also volunteers for Healthwatch Sheffield, is a member of various boards and many committees and he facilitates a learning disabilities carers support group and blogs.

Contact Chris

Fiona Tatton – Patient Governor from 2019

Fiona has born in the High Peak. She studied business at university, specialising in marketing and communications. She’s lived in Sheffield now for more than twenty years and she’s a passionate believer in the need for members of the local community to take an active role in the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Fiona believes we have some incredible facilities in Sheffield, but the care provided by the Trust is only as good as patient experience. This means ensuring patients have their say. She also believes in the need to support our staff and ensure we listen to their voices too in order that they can continue to deliver the best possible care.

She is an advocate for a patient centric service, where feedback is encouraged in order to keep making treatment better.

Contact Fiona

Steve Barks – Public Governor South East Sheffield from 2019

Steve left a 35 year teaching and school management career to become a full time carer. He says that he has much to be grateful for in his experiences of the hospitals and community services in Sheffield and is proud and excited to be representing South East Sheffield as a Governor.

He hopes to employ his skills and experiences in the role of your Governor to give something back in order to help make Sheffield Teaching Hospitals the best they can and should be at this increasingly challenging time for this major and complex hospital trust and the whole NHS.

Contact Steve

David Foster – Patient Governor from 2019

David and his family have lived in Sheffield since 1990. He worked in the construction industry for over four decades, principally on very large projects, including the Channel Tunnel and several major new hospitals. More recently his professional life was principally as a technical author and editor.

He has been both inpatient (NGH and RHH) and outpatient (NGH, RHH and WPH) across a range of clinical disciplines, and has shared many conversations with other patients and heard their views.

David believes strongly that our health services should be both equitably available for all, as well as equally. After enforced early retirement he spent a number of years as a volunteer living and working with people who have learning difficulties and others who have physical or sensory impairments. As a patient governor he would particularly wish to raise the profile of the needs of such patients and others who suffer from physical infirmities, have limited mobility, or find it challenging to access hospital facilities for other reasons. He is an advocate for the improvement of the aftercare and support of outpatients, especially those whose acute treatment has been completed, but whose quality of life continues to be affected by consequential impairments.

Contact David




  Pete Tanker – Staff Governor representing Primary & Community Services – Elected 2018
Irene Mabbott – Nursing and Midwifery – elected 2015
  Cressida Ridge – Governor for Ancillary Works and Maintenance Staff – Elected 2017


 Appointed Governors


Professor Luc de Witte - Appointed Governor representing the University of Sheffield (from November 2017)

Luc is a professor of Health Services Research in the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield.

His research is on healthcare innovations using technology, with a focus on long term care. He moved from the Netherlands to Sheffield in October 2016. In the Netherlands he was director of a large innovation network with about 35 partners in health and social care, industry and academia. In Sheffield he works in the Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare, trying to contribute to building an innovation ecosystem here as well.

Alongside his work in Sheffield and the Netherlands he directs a research and education programme in India called ‘Health in Slums’.

Luc is a member of the board of governors of a large elderly care organisation with 25 locations in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. There his focus is on care quality and safety.

Luc is a father of six and is happily married with Charlotte, who is a psychologist.

Amanda Forest – Appointed Governor representing Sheffield NHS Clinical Commissioning Group – from 2015

Amanda has worked in health and social care and community issues for over 35 years, both in a paid and voluntary capacity. Previously she worked in the NHS including as Chief Officer of Sheffield Community Health Council (the then patients watchdog body), community and primary care services and regional roles focusing on partnerships with local authorities and across commissioning organisations.

Following a return to the voluntary sector Amanda now works freelance, currently working with the universities of Durham and Sheffield on health system evaluation and productivity and other work on children’s social care.

Amanda is a Lay Member on Sheffield CCG with board responsibility for quality in commissioned services and patient and public engagement. She is also a trustee of Sheffield Carers Centre having recent experience of caring for someone with dementia.

Tim Furness – Appointed Governor representing Voluntary Action Sheffield – from 2018


Tim has lived in Sheffield since coming here to University in 1979 and is committed to continuing to work to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Sheffield. He worked in the NHS for over 25 years, working in the Sheffield NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and its predecessor for 13 years, retiring as Director of Delivery in 2016.


Angela Foulkes - Appointed Governor representing
The Sheffield College - from December 2018


Angela has been the Chief Executive and Principal of The Sheffield College since May 2018, having originally been appointed as Principal in September 2017.

Angela has worked in Further Education Colleges for 25 years; she worked in a variety of Colleges in London for the first 15 years of her career, initially as an English teacher and then progressing to hold a range of leadership posts focusing on English, mathematics, Skills for Life and employability skills.

Angela moved to South Yorkshire in 2008 to take up a Vice Principal post at Barnsley College where she was very proud to be part of the leadership team that delivered an outstanding Ofsted outcome for students at the College. Whilst at Barnsley College, Angela was instrumental in establishing an NHS Health and Wellbeing Centre within the College which continues to have a significant impact on the many students at the College. Angela also held a Vice Principal post at The Manchester College before joining The Sheffield College.

Angela holds a number of trustee roles including at the Sheffield University Technical College and with Sheffield Futures. She is also a Patron of the National Centre for Diversity.

Angela lives in Sheffield with her partner, two children and cat.




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