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The Governors are your representatives and you can contact them via the Foundation Trust Office on 0114 2714322 or by email

Steve Barks, Public Governor, South East Sheffield – Re-elected 2022

I am very pleased to have been re-elected to represent South East Sheffield. I want to ensure that our local hospital services are fit for purpose for all our communities. I want to celebrate those parts working well ensuring lessons learnt are used to improve those not working so well. I want to use my own and others’ experiences to inform my contributions as a critical friend to the Trust and hold them accountable.

The NHS is at a pivotal moment: funding under severe pressure and solutions could well change its very nature. We cannot be blind to these pressures expecting what has happened in the past will work in the future. It is important that the governors can work alongside the Board in shaping the service we need for the future and as a governor I will be a positive participant in this.


Steve Bell, Public Governor, West Sheffield – Elected 2022

Hello, I have recently been elected as a public governor for West Sheffield. I am a retired ex- chartered physiotherapist having spent the last 18 years of my working life at senior management level for a national charity – the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

I stood for election as a governor with three key aims: to assist the Trust in its strategic development and implementation, particularly in post COVID recovery; to be a voice for patients and members across my elected area, ensuring timely access to services and in particular, for hard-to-reach communities and continued improvement in the quality of care.

Marion Billingham, Public Governor, West Sheffield – Elected 2023


I am a recently retired HR professional, having worked in the public and private sectors. I stood for election as a Governor because I believe in the NHS and believe that as Governors we can help drive accountability for delivery of its services to all.



Tony Clabby, Public Governor, South West Sheffield – Elected 2023

I grew up with the NHS and my brothers and sisters spent their whole working lives within the NHS. Over the years I have had many reasons to be grateful to the NHS, and I hope to bring to the role my experience in senior roles within the Voluntary & Community Sectors, particularly the last few years as CEO of Healthwatch Rotherham.



Michelle Cook – Patient Governor – Elected 2021

I am pleased to have been elected again as a governor. I am a long time patient of the Trust at both the Northern General and the Royal Hallamshire and have seen first-hand during my own excellent treatment the hard work of staff. I recognise the importance of patient involvement and I intend to be a voice for patients. Having helped rebuild mine and my family’s health, both in hospital and in the community, I want to give something back as the Trust face the challenges ahead.


Sally Craig, Public Governor, South West Sheffield – Elected 2023

My background as a retired dentist both in general practice, and within the hospital system as a paediatric dentist, has given me some insight into the workings of the NHS.I should like to see increasing use of electronic resources, improved communication with patients and more cohesion between providers of healthcare to provide safe and effective care for all patients, looking after both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Paul Dore – Public Governor – South East Sheffield - Elected 2021

Having trained as an Aircraft Engineer and spending over 10 years in the Royal Air Force, I settled in Sheffield with my wife in 2016. The same year, I transferred my engineering experience into a Surgical Engineering role, specialising in the operating theatre environment.

I am delighted to have been elected to the role of Governor and will strive to ensure that the Trusts’ and more importantly, the Patients’ best interests are at the forefront of any decisions I make. In what has been a most challenging year, I look forward to hearing many and varied opinions on where we see the Trust post-pandemic.

I hope to meet many of you in person soon so that we can all, together, strive to make Sheffield Teaching Hospitals the best they can be.

Felister Heeley, Public Governor, North Sheffield - Elected 2022

I would like to say a big thank you to those who elected me to be one of the North Sheffield public governors. My nursing career spans over 20 years in the NHS having worked in STH within critical care, followed by a successful career as a specialist community public health nurse in Sheffield. I am now working within academia as a university teacher. I am passionate about safe and quality care delivery driven by innovation and underpinned by the best evidence-based practice. STH will like other NHS Trust is facing challenges in the post pandemic recovery phase. As a public governor, I intend to support STH in its endeavours to provide excellent care. I will do my upmost to represent your views to ensure that care is safe, effective, coordinated, and equitable. I believe my experience within the NHS and academia will enable me to be a critical friend to STH.

Steve Jones, Patient Governor – Re-elected 2023

Steve worked as a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University between 2004 and 2017, specialising in school leadership in highly disadvantaged communities, educational policy and internationalisation.

He spent much of his working life as a secondary school teacher in South Yorkshire before completing a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University. Steve also served as a member of Sheffield City Council, representing an inner city area for the Labour party, also having been council deputy leader and chair of the South Yorkshire Pensions Authority.

As a governor Steve aims to utilise his lifelong personal commitment to the NHS, close knowledge of Sheffield communities, and experience of working in partnership with local organisations. He is keen that our Sheffield hospitals continue providing high quality care, innovative practice, an excellent everyday patient experience, and a close involvement with partners in our city communities.

Nazia Khan, Public Governor, North Sheffield – Elected 2023

I have lived in north Sheffield for over 20 years and I have been connected to community volunteering in different roles. I can see that there is a need to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and our communities, for someone who has similar experiences and can help in a realistic way. Being multi-lingual and multi-cultural I believe I can be the bridge.





Melvin Ness, Public Governor, North Sheffield – Elected 2023

My career has provided me with opportunities to work in various sectors of industry both in the UK and abroad. Over 50 years working at different levels of management has given me the skills, knowledge and experience that I bring to my role on the Council of Governors, along wit experience from my role as an NHS volunteer.



Lewis Noble, Public Governor, West Sheffield - Re-Elected 2021

Originally from the West Country Lewis trained in Sheffield as a social worker and has spent almost all his adult life here. He worked at the Spinal Injuries Centre at Lodge Moor and latterly at the Northern General Hospital. Lewis retired from full-time work in 2006 and then worked part-time as a consultant to a spinal cord injury care provider, visiting hospitals and spinal cord injured people throughout England and Wales.

As a new Governor, Lewis says it is difficult to predict the role he can most usefully play – he is still getting to grips with the structures and processes involved. In view of his work and personal experience he is interested in issues such as discharge planning and the interface between care inside and outside hospital. He has also always been interested in issues around medical ethics. He is looking forward to making a contribution.

Joe Saverimoutou, Public Governor, Sheffield South West, Re-Elected 2021

Joe is originally from the Republic of Mauritius. He trained as a nurse in 1973 and worked on the Intensive Care Unit at the Northern General Hospital. In 1978 became a senior nursing lecturer at the University of Sheffield and principal lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, retiring in 2010.

As a Governor Joe will endeavour to ensure that the Trust continues to be run with the needs of patients at the heart of everything it does, delivers quality care and remains true to the principles upon which the NHS rests. He believes that quality care is a right that all patients should expect from their local hospitals and he wants to dedicate his time and energy to supporting the Trust in working towards excellence in health care.

As well as a passion for the NHS Joe also chair’s the Sheffield Environmental Movement, a charity that works to facilitate people from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, Refugee (BAMER) communities to access the natural environment to help promote their health and wellbeing.

Harold Sharpe, Patient Governor - Re-Elected 2022

I am delighted to have been re-elected for a further term of office. As a governor I have brought my experience of being a patient and of having a disability to bear on the broad range of issues I have been involved with. I am a member of the Quality Board and the Council of Governors’ Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC). These Committees have a direct impact on the kind of service patients’ experience. The Quality Board is concerned with care and clinical practices. The NRC is responsible for recruiting the Chair of the Trust and the Non-Executive Directors.

My involvement with these Committees, together with other activities as a governor, has been to seek to improve the patient experience and ensure that patients are cared for by staff who understand their needs and engage with them as equals in a dignified and supportive manner, ensuring their needs are met effectively and efficiently.

It will be a privilege to continue as a governor and I pledge to continue to represent the needs of patients and, along with fellow governors, support the Board in taking the Trust forward in these very challenging times. I was born with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy and have been involved in the NHS for all my life, as a governor I am pleased to have the opportunity to give something back.


Shirley Sherwood, Patient Governor – Elected 2023

I would like to thank Trust Members who took the time to vote in these challenging and difficult times and a special thanks to Patient Members who voted for me. I am really looking forward to the next few years as a Governor and I’m keen to be involved in conversations about ensuring a safe environment in hospital and in the community for both staff and patients is a priority for the Trust. We have all had a most unusual time recently to say the least but as ever the people of South Yorkshire have pulled together to help the vulnerable and the NHS. We really need to look after each other and protect our NHS. We certainly have our work cut out but working as a team I am sure that with time and energy we will do all we can.


Jim Steinke, Patient Governor – Elected 2022

I am delighted to have been elected as a patient governor at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. The NHS is such a fantastic organisation, but we need to constantly find ways in which it can be more accountable to the communities it serves while also ensuring that those communities have a voice. I believe that being a governor is a key part of achieving that in Sheffield. I have spent most of my working life managing homeless and refugee/migrant services in the voluntary and community sectors, locally and nationally. I have always focused on the health needs of those groups and been responsible for developing public community health projects across South Yorkshire, always recognising the importance of linking that with mainstream health services. As a governor I will use my experiences of working with and within a wide range of statutory and community agencies, at different levels from Chief Executive to front line worker.

Julie Taylor, Patient Governor - Elected 2023

I have just retired after 44 years in the NHS in both nursing & admin roles, now I want to continue to contribute to the wonderful NHS and excellent services we have here in Sheffield.

I worked at STH for 20 years (1992-2012) and I am a long-term patient of cardiology and rheumatology. I have an inherited heart condition that has affected 7 family members and have a clear understanding of patient needs. I volunteer for Cardiomyopathy UK running a local support group and I am a patient representative for British Heart Foundation.

I am passionate about improving the patient experience and ensuring they are cared for by professional, knowledgeable and compassionate staff who understand their needs and engage with them at every stage of their treatment, including the patient in their shared care.

I feel privileged and grateful to be elected as a patient governor for the first time, I am eager to work with the other governors to support the trust in these challenging times. I will use my experience of working within the NHS and that of a patient to represent members and be the voice of the patient.


Gordon Wordsworth, Patient Governor – Elected 2023

Born in Sheffield I’ve worked in the area all my life. An apprentice trained bricklayer/builder,
I went on to establish and run one of the country’s largest social enterprises. I’ve also been vice-chair of South Yorkshire Police Authority, chair of the Probation Board and chair of ‘Sheffield Homes’ local housing board. I want to play my part in making the organisation a good place for patients and a good place to work and train. I’d also like to support driving down health in equality, seeking to ensure all our communities benefit from our services, and to reduce the causes of ill-health.




Paulette Afflick-Anderson, Staff Governor for Admin, Management and Clerical Staff – Elected 2023

I am delighted and see it as an honour that Admin, Management and Clerical staff have elected me as their Governor.

I started working in the NHS in Sheffield 36 years ago as a Medical Secretary and have since then worked operationally and strategically – currently in Strategy and Planning. Using knowledge and experience gained over the years I will seek to be representative of staff, in Council of Governor meetings and Trust Board meetings. I have a passion for fairness and equality as well as always seeking for opportunities to create inclusion for all.

For me staff are the backbone of any successful organisation and the continued success of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals rests with the staff who directly or indirectly provide care for our patients. The pandemic has created challenges but also opportunities for taking stock and finding innovative ways to enhance patient care and also support for staff. I welcome being a part of ensuring that we can further look to develop this and other aspects of work moving forward.

Irene Mabbott – Nursing and Midwifery – Re-elected 2021

I am excited and grateful for this opportunity to represent Nursing and Midwifery for a third term of office as Staff Governor.

I have been a nurse since the early 1980’s, working in a variety of specialities and have seen many changes in nursing and midwifery practice over those years. Putting the patient first is at the heart of all that we do and part of the Trust’s PROUD values and is something I have with me in my role within the Learning & Development Department at STH.

It has been said many times that the best asset of the Trust is its staff and as part of my role, I want to make sure that the voices of nurses and midwives are heard. The last year has been tough for those working in healthcare and others across our society so we really need to be mindful of how we as a Trust can support and helps others in the years ahead.

Liz Puddy, Staff Governor for Doctors and Dentists – Elected 2023

I feel privileged and humbled to have this opportunity to represent my Medical and Dental Staff colleagues. Thank you.

I am looking forward to listening, learning and engaging with the Trust Governance system to ensure that Sheffield Teaching Hospitals remains a place to be proud to work in. These are challenging times for all. I am positive, that we as a team of members on the Council of Governors can help. We will endeavour to ensure that everyone at STH strives for excellence. This can only make it a better and happier place to receive treatment and work in.

I have the pleasure with working with so many friends and colleagues from across many specialities so hope that I have a fair idea of what it is like to be STH employee. I aspire to remain approachable in person or virtually.

Cressida Ridge – Governor for Ancillary Works and Maintenance Staff – Re-Elected 2023

I am a domestic at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital I was first elected as a Staff Governor in 2017 and I am now pleased to have been re-elected. I represent Ancillary, Works and Maintenance Staff across the Trust. As well as being a Staff Governor I am also a Freedom to Speak Up Advocate.

Jessica Sheehan, Staff Governor for Primary & Community Services – Elected 2021

I am the Service Manager for the Integrated Community Care Directorate. The services in my remit include urgent out-of-hours primary care, community services such as nursing and therapy that deliver essential care to housebound patients and intermediate care services to support timely discharge and admissions avoidance. I am committed to working collaboratively with our clinical teams and leading our services to establish better integrated patient pathways, making every contact count and providing excellent standards of individualised care to our patients.

I am delighted to be elected as a Staff Governor and to have the opportunity to work with the council of governors, to build strong working relationships with people both inside and outside of the organisation and to engage with patients in this forum.






 Appointed Governors



Andrew Hartley, Appointed Governor representing The Sheffield College – from April 2023

Andrew is the College’s Deputy Chief Executive and lead for engagement with employers on apprenticeships and skills training solutions; marketing and learner recruitment; and its physical estate.

Previously he worked for a private training provider and for 10 years as Managing Director of the University of Derby’s corporate division working with companies providing university level training programmes, and innovation and knowledge transfer services.

Prior to joining the University, he worked for Beck & Pollitzer Engineering, an engineering services contractor specialising in the installation of plant and machinery throughout the world. His early career was in third party logistics.

Commenting on his appointment, Andrew said “I am delighted to have joined the Council of Governors and have the opportunity to contribute to the incredibly valuable work of the Trust ensuring that patients interest’s are at the heart of everything it does.”




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