Clinic Service – what to expect and what to bring

  • If it is your first time attending an epilepsy nurse clinic appointment, this means someone has referred you to us. It is also possible to refer yourself providing you meet our referral criteria.
  • Your appointment slot will be one hour long, and will give us the chance to get to know about you and your epilepsy. We will also give you lots of information, but don’t worry if you can’t remember it all. You will receive a letter summarising the clinic, which will also be copied to your GP and consultant.
  • Subsequent appointments may vary in length, but are usually thirty minutes.
  • How often you are seen will be agreed between you and your nurse and may be monthly or less frequently depending on your ongoing situation.
  • Remember, the more information we have about your epilepsy, the better we can help you.
  • Nurse-led clinic appointments are available for you to discuss any aspect of your epilepsy.
  • For all appointments please bring your epilepsy medication, a record of the number of seizures since you last attended and where possible, someone who has witnessed you having a seizure so they can describe it for us.

If they can’t make the appointment, get them to write it down. It is very helpful for us to know:

  • What happened before the seizure?
  • What did the person say or do?
  • Was there any warning?
  • What made you notice the seizure?
  • Did the person lose consciousness?
  • Did any part of their body jerk or twitch?
  • How long did the seizure last?



Additional Information

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