Outpatients are patients who come to see us for treatment or follow-up care but don't need to stay in hospital. 

Each year, we provide hundreds of outpatient appointments at Weston Park.

During your visit to the hospital you may need to go to one of the following places:

X-Ray Department
Lower Ground Floor

Your doctor may ask you to have an x-ray during your visit to the hospital or you might have to come back on another day. Either way, you will be asked to go to the x-ray department: please report to the lower ground floor reception where the staff will talk to you about the procedure and give you any special instructions. Your doctor will talk to you about the results of your x-ray at your next visit.

Ground Floor, Main Waiting Area
Opening Times 9am - 5pm

Your doctor may give you a prescription for some medicine that you will need for your treatment. This prescription must be taken to the pharmacy at the hospital as your local chemist will not have the same type of special medicines that we keep at the hospital.

Prescriptions are charged for at the standard rate unless you are exempt from paying them. You can find out if you are exempt from paying by contacting your GP, local chemist, local benefits office (visit www.dss.gov.uk to find your nearest office) or at the Trust's social work department. Ask for an HC11 leaflet which will explain your entitlement.

Before you leave the pharmacy please make sure that you understand when and how to take your medicine or tablets. The pharmacy staff will be pleased to explain everything to you.

You may be visiting for chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Day case

Patients who are receiving chemotherapy and blood transfusions come here for their treatment and go home after each session unless doctors decide that they should stay overnight.

Patients are encouraged to participate in the planning of their care. If you are a patient, you can visit the unit before your first treatment to get an idea of what is involved and also to meet the staff in the unit. On your first visit we will give you both written and verbal information about the side-effects of the treatment and how they can be reduced.

The team are committed to giving a holistic approach to patient care and time is given to providing psychological support to patients and their relatives. We encourage patients to voice any concerns they may have and to call the unit for advice before, during and after treatment.

Patients can call us at any time during their course of treatment.

Contact the unit on (0114) 226 5669



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