Burns Unit

Burns are a significant cause of death in adults and the second most common cause of death in children after road traffic accidents.

The patient with burns presents a difficult challenge to most health care personnel. Apart from the serious nature of the injury, there is the patients discomfort, the distress of the patient and their relatives, the loss of income and the compromise of their employment future and their uncertainty about the future.

We understand that a patient who is seen, assessed and treated early by skilled personnel heals more quickly than the patient whose treatment is delayed, is as true for the burn victim as it is for any other trauma patient.

We are committed to providing the best chance of recovery in our patients with burns.

The 10 bedded Burns Unit for adults is a Sub-Regional Unit based at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital. It provides a service managed and supported by 2 Consultant Burn Surgeon’s and a comprehensive in-patient, out-patient and emergency service for the local population of Sheffield and also to the wider North Trent population, approximately 2 million in total.

Cases requiring I.T.U facilities are cared for in the General Intensive Care Unit at the Northern General Hospital or in P.I.C.U at the Children’s Hospital.

Burns services are well supported by the full range of clinical specialties within Sheffield Teaching Hospital’s Trust and also by comprehensive support services.

Tel :01142 714129 or 01142 714126

Our Team

The burn team includes a number of very different professionals who help to provide the patient with the best overall and wide ranging care. This mean in our team are surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists but also physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers.



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