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We know that a hospital visit can be stressful and time consuming, so this brand-new service is being trialled with the aim of providing the same advice and reassurance as you would expect from a hospital appointment, but with the convenience of being able to access it at a time and place that suit you.

Please be reassured that breast pain is NOT a sign of cancer, and it may come and go throughout your life. This service is not designed to detect cancers: our aim is to support you and to help you to identify techniques you can use to manage your symptoms.

The information on this web page consists of videos and leaflets to guide you through common causes of pain in the breast, and provides you with steps that you can use to manage the symptoms. There is also a video to teach you how to feel confident examining your own breasts.

In most cases, the simple measures shown here are all that are required to help ease pain in the breast, and many find the symptoms will settle without any intervention at all.

If you find you still have concerns, you can have the option to book a face-to-face appointment to meet us in clinic. We would ask some questions and examine you, then talk through the options discussed in the leaflets and videos on this web page. Instructions on how to arrange this are on your welcome letter from us.

This option remains open to you for three months from the date on your welcome letter, if it is more than three months since your welcome letter, or you have not yet been referred to us, please see your GP.


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Breast pain

Self Examination

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Bra fitting

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