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Who can be nominated?

Any member of STH staff or volunteer can be nominated. It does not matter what role, area of work or seniority the person is. Teams can be from one area or a team which has come together across services to provide care, or a service or make an improvement which benefits staff, patients or the Trust as a whole.


Who can nominate?

Individuals and teams can be nominated by any member of STH staff or a volunteer. You do not have to be a manager to nominate someone. You cannot nominate yourself for an award. Nominations where the nominee is a member of the nominated team are accepted.

You must have the full name of the nominee, ward/department and hospital / community services location where they work.

You must be willing to be briefly filmed for the award ceremony video.


Tell your nominee you are nominating them?

You must notify the individual/team before you nominate them and they must be happy to take part, for any filming/photography involved and related publicity. If they do not agree or are found to have not agreed the nomination will not be processed.


How many categories can someone be nominated in?

An individual or team can only be nominated in one category. Where someone or a team has been nominated for more than one category, the nominee(s) will be asked which category they wish to remain in.

The judging panel reserves the right to re-allocate an application into a different category if they think it has a greater chance of success to the one originally nominated for.


Copies of your nomination

It will not be possible to return your entry so please be sure to make a copy of it prior to submission.


How will I know if my nomination has been shortlisted?

You will be contacted by the Communications team if your nomination has been shortlisted. However due to the high number of nominations received, unfortunately we cannot contact those whose nominations were unsuccessful. All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition after the awards ceremony date has passed.


Tips for a winning entry

Here are some top tips of how to write a winning entry:

Read the judging criteria for the category you have chosen and try to cover all areas in your nomination form – just like you would when applying for a job. The criteria for each award category can be found here 

Make sure you say what the nominee did 

  • e.g, projects, activities, care delivered
  • how they are a role model for others or have led innovations or service improvements etc. that are above and beyond what would be expected.

How did they do it?

  • Initiative and/or leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity and/or innovation
  • Behaviours and/or attitudes

What were the results and/or impact?

  • What did the nominee’s efforts accomplish?
  • Are there specific benefits to patients, staff or the delivery of services/care.

Appeal to the judging panel’s hearts

  • Use emotive language to describe the difference the person made, the value of what they did and how it made you or others feel.


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Additional Information

Top tip!

Don’t forget - your nomination is only as good as the information we receive; make sure you include all important facts in your nomination!  

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