26 September 2023

9am - 1pm

Undergraduate Common Room, Northern General Hospital



Paper A - Minutes of the previous meeting held 25 July 2023

Paper B - Matters Arising

Paper Ci - Maternity Improvement Programme Quarterly Update

Paper Cii - Maternity and Neonatal Safety Report

Paper Ciii - Midwifery Workforce - Current position and future state proposal

Paper D - Chair's Report

Paper E - Board Out and About Visits

Paper F - Countess of Chester Hospital murder conviction case

Paper G - Chief Executive's Matters

Paper H - Integrated Performance Report

Paper Ii - Universities Update - Sheffield Hallam University

Paper Iii - Health and Care System Updates

Paper J- Fit and Proper Person Test Framework

Paper K - NHS Sexual Safety Charter

Paper L- 2023/24 Financial Position including Recovery Plan

Paper M - Board Assurance Framework - Strategic Risk Update

Paper N- Trust Constitution

Paper Oi - Finance and Performance Committee Meeting Assurance Report

Paper Oii - People Committee Meeting Assurance Report

Paper Oiii - Quality Committee Meeting Assurance Report

Paper Oiv - South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Acute Federation Committee in Common Meeting Assurance Report

Paper P- Application of the Coprorate Seal


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