25 July 2023

(09:00 - 13:15)



Paper A - Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 23 May 2023

Paper Bi - Matters Arising

Paper Bii - Long-Term Non-Surgical Oncology Model

Paper Biii - Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio (HSMR) review update

Paper Biv - Elective Priorities - Update

Paper Ci - Maternity Improvement Programme Quarterly Report

Paper Cii - Maternity and Neonatal Safety Report

Paper Di - Finance and Performance Committee Meeting Assurance Report 10 July 2023

Paper Dii - People Committee Meeting Assurance Assurance Report 10 July 2023

Paper Diii - Audit Committee Meeting Assurance Report 20 June 2023 and 11 July 2023

Paper Div - Quality Committee Meeting Assurance Report 17 July 2023

Paper Dv - Learning From Deaths Report

Paper E - Chief Executive's Matters

Paper F - Chair's Report

Paper G - Board Out and About Visits

Paper H - Integrated Performance Report

Paper I - Guardian of Safe Working Annual Report

Paper Ji - Universities Update - The University of Sheffield

Paper Jii - Health and Care System Updates

Paper K - Electronic Patient Records Quarterly Update - Verbal

Paper L - Update on Five Year Capital Plan and Capital Programme

Paper M -  Estates Strategy

Paper N - Well-Led Development Plan Update

Paper O - Enforcement Updertakings Update

Paper P - Board of Directors Terms of Reference and Workplan

Paper Q - Board Committee Terms of Reference, Terms of Reference and Workplans

Paper R - Update on the Chair's Appraisal

Paper S - Application of the Corporate Seal



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