Data Protection Legislation

Your personal information is very important to you and to us at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STH). The way your information is collected, retained and used has changed substantially over the years with the development of new technologies and as such the laws that govern the use of a person’s personal data are also changing to encompass these developments.

This new Data Protection Legislation is much more specific about the security of processing someone’s personal information. It is also much more detailed about organisations ensuring they assess any information risk and put appropriate security measures in place.

The Legislation places a number of requirements on STH across 6 key principles.

  1.  Transparency, fairness and lawfulness in the handling and use of personal data.
  2.  Limiting the processing of personal data to specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.
  3. Minimising the collection and storage of personal data.
  4.  Ensuring accuracy of personal data and enabling it to be erased or rectified.
  5. Limiting the storage of personal data.
  6. Ensuring security, integrity and confidentiality of personal data.

As a result of this we are able to:

  • Identify stores of personal data,
  • Govern the creation, management and access of personal data
  • Establish controls to protect personal data and prevent breaches
  • Maintain required documentation, manage requests and notify data breaches

Rest assured, robust security and confidentiality has always been a crucial part of everything the Trust does.

The new Data Protection Legislation supports your right to have your privacy respected and your data protected. It gives you easier access to the personal information the Trust holds about you, if you wish to check or change it. It is designed to give you confidence that this information is accurate, up to date and well managed.

Patient Privacy Notices and Staff Privacy Notices will be displayed and given to patients and staff describing how we intend to use and store their personal Information.

Should you have any queries regarding data protection or information governance please contact the Data Protection Officer on 0114 2265151 or email

Under the Legislation you can see or have copies of your records. This is known as a Subject Access Request and details can be found on the Subject Access Request page together with the application forms and contact details.


Additional Information

For further information please contact:

Department for Information Governance, Caldicott & SIRO Support
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Tel: 0114 226 5151

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