Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

What Equality, Diversity and Inclusion means to STH

Equality, diversity and inclusion at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals is more than just words. It is part of who we are.

Our vision is to have a workforce that fully reflects the communities we serve and a workplace culture where everyone feels valued and is treated with fairness and respect.

Equality and Diversity Strategy




Our Values - we are PROUD to make a difference

Our PROUD values are what make us different and they were developed by the people who work for us. Over 4,000 members of staff gave their views on what they should be.

Patients first – Ensure that the people we service are at the heart of all that we do
Respectful – Be kind, respectful, fair and value diversity
Ownership – Celebrate our successes, learn continuously and ensure we improve
Unity – Work in partnership with others
Deliver – Be efficient, effective and accountable for our actions
On this page you can access all of our reports, where you will find information relating to:


Our Equality Objectives - What our priorities are

We have developed a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy that identifies and communicates what our priorities for action are as a Trust. We have identified 6 areas (our Equality Objectives) for us to focus on, which are:

• Improving performance – developing a robust way to manage performance and ensuring that all areas embed EDI best practice

• Leadership and accountability – ensuring there is visible leadership of EDI, that people are leading by example and that we achieve what we say we will within the deadlines agreed

• Trust and confidence – building strong community connections and networks so that our activity is informed by conversations with local people and partners

• Behavioural and cultural change – embedding a zero tolerance approach across all areas of the organisation to any form of discrimination, bullying, harassment, and victimisation a well as bringing people together to create a social movement for change

• Employee development – building the EDI capability of every member of staff so that we are all confident to challenge when we witness language or behaviour that doesn’t fit with the Trusts’ PROUD values, using positive action to build a diverse workforce, ensuring access to opportunities for current staff, supporting our Staff Network Groups and ensuring that we support our Disabled colleagues with reasonable adjustments

• Audit and scrutiny – embedding an effective way of measuring and evaluating what we are achieving and what impact we are having across the organisation


 What we have achieved so far
  • Established a formal EDI Board which is providing effective governance
  • Formed Operational Groups, reporting in to the EDI Board, for -

                 - Accessible Information Standard (AIS) 
                 - Equality Monitoring - patients
                 - Workforce Data
                 - EDI Training

  • Piloted a Reverse Mentoring Scheme which will be rolled out across the whole of STH
  • Produced a calendar of key dates and events for the Trust to mark and celebrate
  • Reviewed and refreshed our Equality Impact Analysis (EIA) process and developed guidance and a proforma to support this
  • Piloted EIA training which will be rolled out across STH (both face-to-face and e-learning)
  • Created an EDI Performance Dashboard which is being used to effectively report the progress being made
  • EDI has been embedded into all leadership courses, including how to become an inclusive leader
  • Coaching and mentoring of individual staff in relation to EDI is made available to all across STH
  • WRES & Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES) Data analysed and published and links to regional & national Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) team strengthened
  • 3 Staff Support Networks established for our BAME, Disabled and LGBTQ+ staff
  • Begun to establish stronger links with Voluntary Sector, specifically in relation to EDI, and are starting to work more collaboratively with external partners
  • Drafted a plan for the implementation of the national NHS Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS2)
  • Strengthened risk management through our Integrated Risk and Assurance Register
  • Launched the NHS Rainbow Pin Badges scheme within our Trust

We have lots more to do and will be updating this page on a regular basis to show our progress.


We will be including on this page useful information relating to:

  • What we know about the people that use our services and the staff who work in the organisation.
  • What the things that we know tell us and how we have used this information to improve services and the experiences of people who work in this organisation.
  • What the NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS2) is and why it’s important for people who use services and the staff that work in these services.
  • What the Workforce Race Equality Standard and Workforce Disability Equality Standard are and how we measure up to their metrics.
  • What work we have agreed to do in order to improve Workforce Race Equality Standards in terms of an action plan.
  • Our EDI Strategy and detailed action plans.

If you have a queries relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion please email: sth.equalityanddiversity@nhs.net

Please also check out our Equality & Inclusion calendar for 2024 - click here


Additional Information

Equality and Diversity Annual Reports

The Trust publishes a Equality and Human Rights report each year. These can be found below.

In this section you will also find the Trust Workforce Race Equality Standard Report.

If you have any queries relating to equality, diversity and inclusion please email: sth.equalityanddiversity@nhs.net



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