Council of Governors

The Council of Governors is a body made up of and elected by Foundation Trust members. It aims to give everyday people who use the hospitals a bigger say in their running.

The Council of Governors holds the Board of Directors to account and seeks to ensure the continued success of the Foundation Trust through effective management, partnership working and maintaining NHS values and principles.

There are 37 Governors in total. 12 represent the public of Sheffield, seven represent patients who have used services at the hospitals, five represent staff at the hospitals and there are 13 partner governors appointed from key organisations we work with.

The Council of Governors meets formally four times a year but their work involves more than that. Individual Governors are involved in Trust committees and working groups and also input into specific projects where their particular expertise or perspective is valuable.

Individual Governors seek the views of members to canvass opinions on significant issues and report back on decisions made.

Other statutory duties of the Council of Governors include:

  • Appointing Non-Executive Directors, including the Trust Chairman, via the Governors’ Council Nominations Committee.
  • Determining the remuneration of the Chair and Non-Executive Directors via the Governors’ Council Nominations Committee.
  • Approving the appointment or removal of the Trust's auditor following a recommendation from a nominated sub-group of the Board of Directors.

The Council of Governors provides an opportunity for patients and the public to influence the way their hospitals are run which is what being an NHS Foundation Trust is all about.


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