Sheffield Teaching Hospitals operates a staff benefits scheme called i-Choose. Under i-Choose you can select a bicycle, childcare vouchers, home electronics & white Goods or pay for STH car parking by having the cost reduced from your salary, saving you tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC).

You will essentially be giving up part of your salary in exchange for a non-cash benefit (bicycle, car parking or childcare vouchers) which is treated more favourably for tax and NIC.

Please note that when entering a salary sacrifice arrangement it is important to consider the potential effect that a reduction in pay might have on:

  • The value of your NHS pension and lump sum.
  • Your entitlement to Working or Child Tax Credits.
  • Your entitlement to State Pension or other benefits.
  • Any statutory benefits such as Maternity or paternity pay, adoption leave or sick pay.

For more information about i-Choose please see the leaflets below:

i-Choose Introduction Leaflet

Salary Sacrifice - implications for 2015 Pension Scheme members

Please read the factsheet Salary Sacrifice Implications and consider your options before  joining the scheme. 

Salary sacrifice scheme for white goods and home electronics

Home Electronics & White Goods Scheme

Two enrolment windows:

  • October 2017 - Able to place orders from 1st October to the 28th October
  • November 2017 - Able to place orders from 1st November to the 19th November

Home Electronics & White Goods Scheme

Home Electronic FAQ

Car Permit Scheme

i-Choose Car Parking Leaflet

i-Choose Car Parking Registration Form

Childcare Scheme

i-Choose Childcare Leaflet

i-Choose Childcare Enrolment

Cycle Scheme

i-Choose Cycle Enrolment info 

i-Choose Cycle Saving Information

i-Choose Cycle Scheme leaflet

Bike Shop List

Cycle scheme Roadshows


Additional Information

For more information about i-Choose please contact Monsur Ali (0114) 3052427 (STH ext 52427)

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