NHS as an Employer

There are few careers that are as rewarding as one in the NHS, or that give you the opportunity to work with such a variety of people. 

We actively recruit people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. This helps us understand the different needs of the patients and provide the best possible service.

Whichever area you join, you become part of a talented, passionate team of people, committed to providing the best care and treatment to patients. You will also enjoy one of the most competitive and flexible benefits packages offered by any employer in the UK.

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Sheffield Teaching Hospitals' commitment to being Disability Confident


The Trust holds the Disability Confident ‘Employer’ status which recognises our dedication to supporting the recruitment and employment of individuals with disabilities in addition to our responsibilities within the Equality Act 2010.

This is the Trust’s commitment to ensure recruitment processes are inclusive, ensuring policies and support mechanisms are in place and promoting a culture of listening to and valuing our disabled workforce.

We offer a guaranteed interview to candidates with a disability who meet the essential criteria of the position advertised. We will also make any reasonable adjustments at both the application and interview stages to give disabled candidates the best opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, skills and knowledge.

The diversity of our workforce is important to us and we provide a number of services and support to enable employees with a disability to come to work and be happy and effective in the workplace.

Reasonable adjustments are made to either recruit or retain employees to the Trust so they can fulfil their potential. We have our own Occupational Health Service along with Employee Psychological Services and a Fast Track Physiotherapy Service. We encourage our employees to seek help and support from external bodies and groups to further their career and to continue to be a part of our valuable workforce.

We want all our employees to feel valued and have groups of staff working together to have open discussions about disability in the workplace and forums to provide feedback and drive changes to continually improve how we support and value our disabled workforce.


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