What patients can expect

Patients can come to the Sheffield Hand Centre by a variety of routes: referral by their General Practitioner, referral by another consultant at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (or another local hospital) or as an emergency from minor injuries at Royal Hallamshire Hospital, the Emergency Department at Northern General Hospital or another local emergency department.

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The patient experience is different for those referred for planned care (see below) and for emergency patients.


After seeing your GP with your problem and agreeing to the referral the GP will write to us. The referral will be read by a consultant and an appointment confirmed. Details are usually sent out by post with a map of how to find us. When you arrive in the clinic reception let the clerical officer know who you are and which clinic you have an appointment for. There will often be several clinics running at the same time so please don’t be concerned if other patients are called ahead of you, they may be seeing someone else.

The surgeon may need further investigations to help make a diagnosis or plan treatment these will be organised from your appointment, for example nerve tests or scans. You will then see the surgeon again with the results. Sometimes treatment will be decided or even delivered at the first appointment.

Coming in for Hand Surgery


When someone suffers a sudden serious problem with their hand – usually through injury or infection – they will be referred to our on call team. That referral can come from the GP, minor injuries at RHH, the walk in centre, ED at NGH or another hospital in South Yorkshire/North Derbyshire.

Between the hours of 7am and 7pm weekdays and 7am to 1pm Saturdays emergency referral are assessed in the SHC. At all other times they will be seen on the Surgical Assessment Centre at NGH. It is the job of the on call doctors and the trauma co-ordinator to assess these patients and organise their care. When an operation is needed plans will be made for that to be done at a suitable time. Ii is possible that the patient may go home to return as a day patient to the SHC.

Hand and Arm injuries

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Phone numbers:

  • For outpatient queries please call 0114 271 5684
  • For queries about patients attending for an operation please call 0114 305 2364.


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