Art Workshops

Zest organise weekly art workshops where art volunteers come onto wards once a week giving patients the opportunity to engage in creativity. The sessions provide patients with a positive distraction from their clinical environments and help relieve the boredom from can often be an anxious and tedious time.

They are also quite the social occasion, a chance for patients get together with someone from outside the hospital and chat about topics unrelated to illness or hospital stay.

The workshops are also beneficial for the arts volunteers, many of whom are interested in or studying Art Therapy. Getting involved with Zest workshops provide volunteers with invaluable experience working with vulnerable adults in a healthcare setting.

Music Performances

Zest organise numerous music performances throughout the year with musicians from local groups and schools visiting the hospital to perform in wards and waiting areas across the Trust. Performances create a vibrant atmosphere for what can often be an anxious and frustrating time, and provide visitors with a positive experience to associate with their time in our Trust.


Hospitals are often seen as clinical, uncomfortable and unwelcoming environments however in recent years the look and aesthetics of hospitals have begun to revolutionise, becoming comfortable, innovative ‘healthcare’ settings, providing positive distraction through innovative design and appropriate art to create peaceful, ‘homely’ atmospheres for patients, visitors and staff. Zest work closely with Estates, ward staff and service users to source and commission artwork to create a comfortable and healing environment across our Trust.


The Clock Tower is a unique exhibition area, with high ceilings and natural lighting in the upper gallery it is a premium space to display artwork. It is a gateway for artists to communicate their work to a mixture of people. Visitors, patients and hospital staff all pass through the clock tower countless times, often taking a moment to break away from daily routine to appreciate the artwork on the walls.


Additional Information

Get involved

We’re always on the look out for people to get involved in our worthwhile projects. If you would like to become an art volunteer, perform in the hospital or exhibit your work then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information. 

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