Sheffield Ataxia Centre (SAC)

The Sheffield Ataxia Clinic was established in 1996 by Professor Marios Hadjivassiliou. The aim was the diagnosis of the cause of and provision of ongoing care for patients with progressive ataxia. SAC currently cares for over 1000 patients with progressive ataxias.

The Sheffield ataxia clinic and set up was accredited by Ataxia UK as a Centre of Excellence in 2007 (at the time only 2 such centres in the UK). The SAC has been enhanced by the appointment of a Specialist Ataxia Nurse (the first in the UK) and the input of an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist with special interest in ataxia.

The SAC receives referrals from all over the UK and from abroad. Expertise include gluten ataxia and other immune mediated ataxias and the aetiology of so called “idiopathic” sporadic ataxias. SAC has close clinical and research collaborations with the other 3 ataxia centres in the UK (London, Oxford and Newcastle) and is actively involved in research into immune mediated ataxias.

The Sheffield Ataxia Clinic takes place on a weekly basis. New patients are always seen by Professor M Hadjivassiliou and also reviewed by the specialist ataxia nurse. All patients are offered long term follow up on a 6 monthly or yearly basis with access to telephone clinics between appointments.

The clinic has access to all the latest diagnostic tests including genetic tests and state of the art imaging modalities that include MR spectroscopy, volumetric analysis of the cerebellum and voxel based morphometry.


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