Results of Elections to Council of Governors 2017

The Elections were conducted for the Trust by Electoral Reform Services in accordance with the rules set out in the Trust’s Constitution and were conducted using the Single Transferable Vote System. Electoral Reform Services confirmed that, as far as reasonably practicable, every person whose name appeared on the electoral roll at the time of the ballot was sent the details of the ballot and if they chose to participate in the ballot, had their vote fairly and accurately recorded.

Constituency Candidates Seats Elected
Patient Barbara Bell
Steve Jones
Tony Merrygold
Brendan Malloy
Sahar Zandy
Two Barbara Bell
Steve Jones
Public Outside Sheffield Jacquie Kirk One Jacquie Kirk
Public North Sheffield Michelle Cook
Dante Lloyd Newton
Enid Wadsworth
Two Michelle Cook
Enid Wadsworth
Public South West Sheffield Sally Craig One Sally Craig
Public West Sheffield Wendy Bradley
Andrew Senior
Bob Smith
One Wendy Bradley
Staff: Allied Health Professionals, Scientists & Technicians Karen Smith One Karen Smith
Staff: Ancillary, Works & Maintenance Cressida Ridge One Cressida Ridge


You can see Electoral Reform Services’ Report of Voting below:

You can see the breakdown of the votes here:



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