Requests for access to personal information

Information about your personal treatment and care is confidential and will normally be something you will discuss with the healthcare professionals you meet.

However there may be other issues about which you would like further information or you may just want to have a copy of the information we hold about you and in this part of the website we explain how you can obtain such information.

This is called a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act 1998 and should be made in writing to:

The Information Governance Manager
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Weston Park Hospital
Whitham Road

S10 2SJ

For such requests a fee of £10 is required. We are also entitled to charge a fee for copies and would advise you about this.

Limited rights of access to the medical records of a deceased person are given under the Access to Health Records Act 1990.

We would need to confirm your identity and details of what you want and we have 40 days to respond with the information but aim to do so in 20 days.



Additional Information


The Information Governance Department

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

2 Claremont Place

Sheffield, S10 2TB

Tel: 0114 226 5151

Fax: 0114 226 5152


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