What is the NHS Equality Delivery System?

The Equality Delivery System is new system for all NHS organisations, it helps them to review equality information and plan equality priorities.

The Equality Delivery System has Four ‘Goals’

1. Better health outcomes for all

2. Improved patient access and experience

3. Empowered, engaged and well supported staff

4. Inclusive leadership at all levels

The NHS Equality Delivery System in Sheffield

Equality Engagement work in Sheffield is a partnership between

• Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
• Sheffield Health and Social Care
• NHS Sheffield, and
• Sheffield Children’s Hospital

In March 2011 we held an event to introduce plans the NHS had for the NHS ‘Equality Delivery System’ and to let people in protected groups know about the new ‘Equality Duties’ that public organisations like the NHS now have.

Agreeing our Equality Delivery System 'Grades' and 'Equality Objectives'

As a result of the event NHS organisations have been looking at some ‘Shared’ Equality Objectives and how we can involve people from protected groups in identifying Equality Objectives in our individual NHS organisations.

What are Equality Delivery System 'Grades' ?

Each of the Equality Delivery System 'Goals' has some 'outcomes' for each of the outcomes there is a 'grading' the grading's are:

• Red = Undeveloped
• Amber = Developing
• Green = Achieving
• Purple = Excelling

The grades help organisations to see how to plan to improve in the four ‘Goals’ of the Equality Delivery System

What are ‘Equality Objectives?’

As a public organisation legally we must identify at least one Equality Objective as a large organisation we will have more than one Objective. The objectives must be areas that we have identified where we think we can make an improvement that we can measure. The Objectives need to be areas that we know we can make positive changes over the next four years.

Our Engagement Structure

Following the event in March 2011 we have been having Equality Engagement meetings. The meetings have been attended by representatives who work with individuals and groups of people who have protected characteristics.

If you would like to be involved in our equality engagement work or would like more information please contact

Liz Johnson at Elizabeth.johnson@sth.nhs.uk

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